June 13, 2024


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RBLZ Gaming & RB Leipzig win the DFB Cup twice

RBLZ Gaming & RB Leipzig win the DFB Cup twice

It should be the “last possible train” (original sound RBLZ_Gaucho) home. End of the line: a place now titled Cup Winner City! The eSports players of RBLZ Gaming, who had previously competed to the offline final on the DFB campus as if on rails and swept the FOKUS clan, bought their ticket there for an exciting match against SC Paderborn.

Richard “RBLZ_Gaucho” Hormes scored a 2-0 win, Umut “RBLZ_Umut” Gültekin’s potential match ball smashing against Jonas “Jonny” Wirth’s 5-ball series (0:2). A 2v2 match was needed as a decider. It became clear early on that no decision should be made after 90 or 120 in-game minutes.

Three individual wins and a cheers MVP for RBLZ_Gaucho

Whether the RBLZ duo contemplates a World Cup coup in Copenhagen (5:4 nE for Umut) or last year’s DFB Cup final on the field (4:2 nE for RB Leipzig) before a penalty shootout can only be anyone’s guess. Four direct hits in five attempts and two shots conceded by Paderborn achieved an impressive cup feat: the DFB Cup and its counterpart (DFB ePokal), presented only three years ago, have been incorporated into Leipzig’s trophy cabinet!

“We’ve won almost everything you can win in FIFA eSports over the past three years. The ePokal, the Cup League and the VBL Club Championship complete us,” said Richard Hormès, who was able to continue his peak after a personally mixed season in FIFA 23.

For three individual victories from the quarterfinals to the final (7:3 goals), the 29-year-old has earned countless MVP calls from Twitch chat. Meanwhile, RBLZ head coach Daniel Fehr (“I enjoy every offline tournament with these guys”) was pleased with his breakout success with $40,000 prize money in the middle of his power play weeks. Within eleven days, the “Fehrminator” traveled with its players to Stockholm (Champions League), then to Cologne (VBL Grand Final) and Frankfurt (DFB ePokal).

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DFB ePokal: So was the two-day offline final

1. Singles: RBLZ_Gaucho vs. Leonk_twitchtv 3:2

Individual 2: RBLZ_Umut vs xThomas_OM 4:3

1. Singles: RBLZ_Gaucho vs. IQONIC_JH7 2:1

Second individual: RBLZ_Umut vs. lukas_official11 2:3

2v2: RBLZ_Gaucho + RBLZ_Umut vs. IQONIC_JH7 + lukas_official11 2:1

Game 1: RBLZ_Gaucho vs. WildStyler 2:0

Game 2: RBLZ_Umut vs. Johnny 0:2

2v2: RBLZ_Gaucho + RBLZ_Umut vs. WildStyler + Jonny 4:2 iE

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Umut Gultekin

Umut Gültekin is the best FIFA player in the world. In 2022, the esports player from RBLZ Gaming crowned his young career with the world title at the FIFA World Cup in Copenhagen.

Richard “Gaucho10” Hormes

Richard “Gaucho10” Hormes is one of the best FIFA players in the world. He is the captain of RBLZ Gaming, the FIFA team for Bundesliga Club RB Leipzig.