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Introducing the Corsair Darkstar Wireless RGB MMO Gaming Mouse

Introducing the Corsair Darkstar Wireless RGB MMO Gaming Mouse

And once again, a new top mouse is on the horizon: Corsair recently introduced the Darkstar Wireless RGB MMO Gaming Mouse. It is a premium quality mouse that has a high precision sensor and many useful features.

15 programmable keys and more

You can program up to 15 keys according to your desires and customize them with functions. A large portion or 6 of these buttons can be found on the left side of the mouse. This may seem unusual at first glance, but you’ll likely be able to get along quite well with it after a short trial period. Especially for MMO and MOBA players, the many keys can definitely be a blessing.

In addition, an optical Marksman sensor is installed, which has a resolution of up to 26,000 dpi. Furthermore, 650 IPS and 50G acceleration are offered. It itself weighs 96g and is therefore still very usable. RGB lighting is also integrated for a stylish look. As usual, iCUE is used in programming.

The new mouse can be programmed in several ways
Image: Corsair

How is a wireless mouse connected to a computer?

As mentioned earlier, a good piece works without any cables. The Corsair Darkstar Wireless RGB MMO connects either via Bluetooth or with the latest 2.4GHz wireless technology via a USB dongle. With the latter technology, a response time of 1ms should be possible.

If you turn off the RGB lighting, the mouse’s battery should last up to 80 hours in Bluetooth mode. When using Slipstream technology, there are still 65 hours left.

How much does fun cost?

Of course, a top model like the Corsair Darkstar Wireless RGB MMO isn’t necessarily cheap. Pirate demands In the indoor online store currently 169.99 euros including shipping. This is pretty steep, but there’s also a lot on offer.

Mouse cannot be found on Amazon and Co. However, this should be compensated for in the near future. Pricing is likely to be directly on the same level with Corsair.

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