Qcells will use Lumet's ultra-fine line mining systems to produce solar cells in the USA. They are the first PV manufacturer to use the newly developed fine line mining technology, the companies said in an announcement on Thursday. Lumet's technology aims to help PV manufacturers save costs. In solar cell production, the metallization step, in which conductive contact fingers, usually made of silver compounds, are applied to the cell surface using a screen printing process, is one of the most expensive steps.

Therefore, there are efforts to reduce the width of the fingers because this reduces silver consumption and reduces light shading. So not only can you save costs, but you can also increase the efficiency of solar cells. However, screen printing technologies have settled at a finger width of about twenty micrometres, according to the companies. However, Lumet's technology can produce a finger width of less than ten micrometres.

“After extensive evaluation and testing, Kosells has decided to use Lumet mining technology in future solar PV cell lines,” said Danielle Merfield, executive vice president and global chief technology officer at Kosells. “We see huge potential in Lumet mining technology, which represents a breakthrough in many aspects and sets records for the smoothest lines, lowest costs, highest efficiency, highest speed and lowest investment costs in Lumet machines.” Low and high level of automation. For Lumet, the partnership is a step toward mass production of the technology.