June 23, 2024


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Incotec and Croda: White Paper on Abiotic Stress

Incotec and Croda: White Paper on Abiotic Stress

Seed processing company Incotec, part of Croda Agriculture, has published a white paper on abiotic stress: “Mitigating abiotic stress to create resilient crops.”


The report was prepared with the participation of the best experts in this field Incotech And Croda As well as from other sources, including the contributions of Dr. Rosa Dominguez-Espinoza (Syngenta), Dr. Agnieszka Doroszuk, Professor Ben Scheeres (Rick Zwaan), Professor Edvaldo Aparecido Amaral da Silva (University of São Paulo State), and Hubert Ehuman (UPL).

Marcia Werner, Director of Research and Technology at Incotec: “Making plants more resilient to harsh environmental conditions is one solution.” A growing field of research and development. Abiotic stress can directly damage a plant or trigger biological reactions that can negatively impact plant health and productivity. By changing how plants respond to these stresses, we can make them more resilient and produce better yields, even as climate conditions worsen. There are more and more innovations in this field. Solutions to abiotic stressBut we're just scratching the surface of what's possible. This remains a challenging field with a variety of research opportunities yet to be explored. Our new white paper explores some of the approaches and solutions currently being developed and discusses the key challenges facing abiotic stress researchers and how we can overcome them to advance this exciting area of ​​innovation.

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