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Putting the adventures of Robin Hood to the test: this is how you play the new Menzel board game

Putting the adventures of Robin Hood to the test: this is how you play the new Menzel board game

After The Legends of Andor, Michael Menzel published The Adventures of Robin Hood, a new board game as author.

  • 2 to 4 players, from 10 years old and above
  • Author: Michael Menzel
  • Publisher: Cosmos
  • Price: about 50 euros

Of course, the name Michael Menzel is familiar to connoisseurs of board games. As a painter, the creative mind has participated in the creation of countless games. Menzel was also able to make a name for himself as a playwright, but he took it a lot easier in the field. After his great success “Legends of AndorRhinelander temporarily withdrew from the writing scene in order to focus on his work as a game illustrator. Nearly ten years have passed since then. But recently, author Michael Menzel celebrated his surprising comeback. This time you will not be kidnapped in the fictional kingdom of Andor, but in late medieval England. There she infiltrates the role of Robin Hood and his gang, which Prince John and his minions spit in the soup in his tyrannical actions. As a thematic superstructure, the 2021 Robin Hood legend may not be entirely original, but the new Menzel has some surprises in its game mechanics store.

The Adventures of Robin Hood is a playful painting

Robin Hood has been the subject of numerous novels, movies, and video games. So with the subject matter alone, you probably wouldn’t entice the board players to step out from behind the stove. It will likely spark curiosity once the game board first appears on the table. It consists of eight parts and shows a Huge plate In Menzel’s style. Labels and Symbols? Pretty much nothing! Only if you take a closer look, will you see some little numbers on the playing field. Even the usual fields, in which our characters usually shine, have been completely dispensed with. The famous Sherwood Forest stretches in front of you in a complete panorama.

The plan for The Adventures of Robin Hood falls into this inconspicuous bag.

© Cosmos

You have to cut through some well-tried board gaming habits in The Adventures of Robin Hood. But how, if not across the odd fields, does the Robin Hood gang move through Sherwood Forest? As for the movement, they dug deep into their bag of tricks and invoke a mechanism backgammon players are sure to be aware of. In strategy games like those known to many War hammerArmies move every centimeter across the battlefield. The animation sequence in Robin Hood works in a very similar way.

The Adventures of Robin Hood with Warhammer Effects

You can still leave the ruler stuck. Each of you controls a member of the Robin Hood gang. In addition to Robin Hood himself, you can choose from his loyal companions Little John, Maid Marian and Will Scarlett. Instead of just one character, you can deal with five versions of the chosen character. The first number represents your hero in his current location. Two other pawns paint a light one Motion bar Behind you, so you have an extended base. You can now simply place this next to the first shape so that it moves towards a new target. The sequence of moves ends with another standing play character. This now represents your hero’s new location.

The Adventures of Robin Hood’s panoramic game fully reveals.

© Cosmos

The movement is really very intuitive. You can arrange the numbers approximately as you like. As a result, heroes can also easily Natural obstacles set sail. Robin Hood & Co. is not allowed. Walk over rocks, houses, or other people. If desired, a band of robbers can run. If you absolutely want to hit a faraway target at this juncture, you are using your hero’s fifth pawn. It has a particularly long tail of motion and lets you advance strongly on the game board. However, the colossal effort also comes at a price.

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The Complete Enemy in The Adventures of Robin Hood

Usually, after you’ve finished moving, you can always throw a white lump into an opaque bag. This will be useful to you in the additional path of the game. However, running in the Move phase disturbs your regeneration, so you should do without the White Stone this time. Thieves who are well rested behave more effectively. So in a certain way a bag is also a file Fitness From the Robin Hood gang. During the course of the game, the bag is used repeatedly when a character’s skills are being tested. For example, if you want to take out a guard, you can pull up to three stones from the bag. If a white lump appears, you have successfully completed the task.

The movements in The Adventures of Robin Hood are very intuitive.

© Cosmos

Unfortunately, the purple stones also come in the bag very regularly, which act as nails in the game. The pieces pulled are not thrown back into the bag, but are removed from the game. Skilled thieves can do whatever they want Chances of success In fact, she is always watching her. The little bag performs another function in The Adventures of Robin Hood. At the same time it works to determine the playing order. Also in the bag are some large wooden disks that are used to mark the character who is currently in motion. Prince John’s henchmen and some other surprises are also activated via this mechanic. So the bag is full to the brim. Every time the bag is used it feels like you hit a large lottery bowl. Especially when the game is on the knife edge, high tension is guaranteed.

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Time is of the essence in the adventures of Robin Hood

Above all, you shouldn’t spend much time completing your task. It’s very exciting and rewarding to explore the area all the way to the last corner, but time is of the essence. The Hope of the population It fades from round to round before Prince John’s influence becomes overwhelming and you lose the game. Courage to leave gaps that sometimes hurt you so much, the secrets that await you in the area are so tempting. You can interact with the environment in countless angles.

The adventure book is the heart of Robin Hood’s adventures.

© Cosmos

The environment reacts surprisingly Moving As you progress in the adventure and feel like you are playing a computer game. The person waiting for you in the first section of the game may have disappeared again at the end of the entire campaign or they may react completely differently to your visit. If you take a closer look at the huge game board, you will instantly notice many more squares punched out in the board. The game board is designed in two layers so that individual items can be removed and shifted to the other side. This brings Robin Hood’s world to life. This is accomplished by another important component of Robin Hood’s adventures.

Browse through the adventures of Robin Hood

The game is designed as a campaign in which you test a story in several chapters. The narration is set in an intense adventure story that accompanies you throughout the entire game. In addition to narrative moments, and interactions with the environment and Non-player characters Controlled. The small numbers on the card indicate that your character can be active at this point. To do this, find the relevant entry in the respective chapter and see what happens now. The effects of some procedures can vary from season to season.

In The Adventures of Robin Hood, characters sometimes start running.

© Cosmos

After completing a season, the playing field is not reset to its original state. The world develops through it Various adventures continuously. The same applies, of course, to a coherent story. At certain points, the campaign branches out. So by the end of the game, you won’t have seen all of the stories in the adventure book. Hence, the second round is definitely worth it, especially since you can now also increase the difficulty level a bit.

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The Adventures of Robin Hood was published by Kosmos-Verlag and is now available for around price 50 euros It can be found in stores. The game is suitable for two to four players, ages ten and over. You must plan a good hour of adventure.

Conclusion: A combination of table experience, family fun, and interactive story helps the Robin Hood adventure in this test rating

The combination of desktop experience, family fun, and The Adventures of Robin Hood interactive story help achieve this test rating.

© Cosmos

As a board game enthusiast and repeat gamer, I am always surprised at how authors of board games continue to bring new ideas to life. Michael Menzel last wrote a few years ago. The long break seems to have spurred his creativity. With a great game plan hiding as little graphic extravaganza as possible in pejorative icons, many expected Menzel to work like Cameraman I know. An amazing looking gamepad, almost no icons or even fields, then surprises. Not only does it look cool, it also plays intuitively. The Adventures of Robin Hood is ideal as a family game, but will also be popular with frequent player groups. The game starts right away. A boring one Control Studio do not apply. All you have to do is look at some initial info on a double page, and then you can start your adventure right away. You can learn the rest of the rules while playing. And therefore Suitable for beginners But the rules, it’s not easy to put the evil Prince John in his place. You can expect a very engaging and demanding game experience that will spell on you with its story in a very short time. Since the story is split meantime, an campaign Play again without any problems. With the ever-changing playing field, there is a lot to discover. Boredom will not come anytime soon. Signs of wear and tear most of the time appear on the game material itself. If single tiles are removed frequently from the game board, they will soon accumulate ugly dents and dents. You must ignore this little flaw, otherwise you will end up missing out on a truly innovative and exciting board game experience that will keep you entertained for many hours. At the “(Connoisseur) Game of the Year” awards, the adventures of Robin Hood surely had a say.

forefront With
+ Co-operative gameplay – The material is showing signs of corrosion
+ Great story in campaign format
+ Intuitive movement to cut the game
+ No long record course is required
+ Great artwork on a massive game plan