June 13, 2024


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PS5 - The narrator reports that Harrison shines for 14 minutes in the Forbidden West

PS5 – The narrator reports that Harrison shines for 14 minutes in the Forbidden West

Without any obvious cuts, this 14-minute demo in 4K and 30 frames per second (with no information on possible performance mode) however seemed to have been scaled to the nearest hair to dazzle with its atmospheric changes, each of California’s post-environments being richer and more amazing than the next We know its wars, all of which are provided by music. At the technical and artistic level, the development of the game on two generations of consoles does not seem to have dulled the Dutch studio in its ambitions.

So, in the West, is there anything new on the game page? Some little things, all the same. Aside from the possibility of exploring the seas with a diving mask that allows you not to worry about time spent in the water, Alloy seems to have gotten some combos and made attacks to make his spear more effective during combat in the water. Melee, especially to find an opening and pursue with a deadly arrow, without forgetting the dynamics of “Sursat de Brower”, with a small arena shonen. If the climbing method does not seem to have greatly improved (a scanning system allows to highlight the points of connection), Alloy certainly received two tools, but they were absent in the first episode, and they make the study more flexible: a grapple and an ailegide (parachute). A bit like a Just Cause, the alloy allows you to pick up height from the ground and then deploy his mechanical parachute. The latter was already missed in the first episode whenever Alloy was at the top of a summit, and the player wanted to push themselves into the void to enjoy the show, as we did in a particular game. From Nintendo released at the same time.

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The events take place six months laterHarrison Zero Dawn, The search for this demo features the release of Aloy’s comrade Erend, who has gone in search of an important artifact to excavate the ruins of San Francisco, which “Neil” will go down a path in his fight against Vermilion Blake. It threatens the whole environment. Arriving at the camp, Alloy confronts a group of robbers from a unit that diverts the machines into battle clouds, starting with this imposing mammoth. The slight disappointment of the evening would have ended the show due to the lack of a release date. “We do not have an exact release date yet, but growth is on track and we will hear from you very soon.“, We are told.