September 27, 2023


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PS4 / Switch / PC version of "One Hand Clap" Will Offer Updates!  A campaign to support video publishing is now underway - GAME Watch

PS4 / Switch / PC version of “One Hand Clap” Will Offer Updates! A campaign to support video publishing is now underway – GAME Watch

THQ Nordic Japan released an update on May 24 for the PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch / PC (Stem) version of the puzzle game “One Hand Clapping”.

This action is a puzzle action game that is played with your voice and your voice. This update includes improvements to the microphone setup tutorial and the addition of an introduction calibration sequence. In addition, a Play video publishing support campaign is being organized until May 31.

A “Video Publishing Support Campaign” is underway

A campaign to publish the playback video of this work is now underway on the video distribution platform. This campaign is held to celebrate the anniversary of the first sale at the Nintendo eShop. The video will be posted on the official website. In addition, the series operation video consisting of several times will be published only in the “first time”. For more details, see the official websitecampaign pageIt is open to the public at.

【How to Participate】
(1) THQ Nordic Japan official Twitter account (1)Tweet embed) Follow

(2) I agree to the video posting guidelines
□ Video Posting Guidelines Page

(3) Theatrical video shooting for “One Hand Clapping”

(4) Tweet the video URL where you posted the playback video with the following hashtag.
【Hashtag Association】
# one hand clap
#let me hear your Voice

In addition, a microphone input such as a microphone/headphone is indispensable to play this game. Compatible microphones/headphones are available on the official website.

[قائمة الميكروفونات / سماعات الرأس المتوافقة]
□ buffalo
□ Input and Output Data Device
□ Hori

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