February 23, 2024


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Protection when playing on Windows: These aspects are important

Xbox games, but also PC games are popular, fun, and the perfect pastime. But what about your security when playing on Windows PCs? Is there anything to consider here? After all, users have long been able to log into gaming platforms via Windows and play games there intended for consoles. This article takes a look at that.

Only use games from reputable sources

Also – and in particular – when downloading and installing a game, there are usual risks that users should generally be aware of. These are sometimes:

  • infected files – Anyone can download a game from the Internet Quickly anything is possible on PC Trackers or spyware are the smallest evil here.
  • vulnerabilities programs With games, trojans and viruses can be downloaded to your computer and eventually installed. Everyone can now guess how quickly this could turn into a fiasco.

So players should always make sure that they only gamble on reputable sites. This also applies to games that are played completely online and without installation. This requirement applies to standard computer games as well as browser games, smartphone games, sports betting and online casinos. But how to check reputable websites?

  • encryption The site must have SSL encryption. The ›https› in the browser line is a good indicator.
  • expertise What do other users’ experiences say? They provide not only information about the seriousness of the site itself, but also about payments background, spam, and reliability.
  • Downloads – Really good sites scan offered downloads for viruses and malware beforehand. Of course, this should not be relied upon alone.
  • licensed – Casinos and online betting require a license. on this page It shows where players can legally play online roulette with real money. Game sites also need it if they offer games from other manufacturers. If there is any doubt about the legality of the offer or if it comes to the site on which illegally copied games are offered for free or even as a subscription, the following applies: Do not interfere. Meanwhile, users of these sites are also being pursued by the authorities, not just the operators.
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Your gut feeling can also make a difference. If a player feels uncomfortable on a page or seems strange to him, he is free to leave it. Often the inner feeling is smarter than the head.

General Security Options

The best protection against network dangers is to firmly protect your computer. There is definitely no such thing as absolute security, because the computer would have to be disconnected from the network to do so. Despite everything, there are important tools:

  • Firewall & Co. The spirits of Windows are arguing about this. Are the onboard resources sufficient or is additional protection software including a firewall necessary? The plug-in has the advantage that updates work even if a Windows update fails. In addition, they often come to customers with additional backup options, identity protection, or a VPN.
  • Windows Update Updates are annoying and usually come at the worst possible time. However, they are more important than many users think. Therefore, you should always make sure that your PC is up to date. Turning off automatic updates is a security issue that should not be neglected.
  • VPN A “Virtual Private Network” is a popular way to protect oneself and their data on the Internet. No one using the VPN can be traced, and the data can no longer be allocated to a single person. In a gaming environment, a VPN offers a completely different feature: since the country code can be selected, players can pretend to be from the US – and now they play games that are already there, but only in weeks or months that appear in Germany.
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The antivirus software used depends on your specific needs. It just needs to be updated daily. Regarding a VPN, there have always been many variants, some of which are only managed online, but some can also be installed. Here, too, each person has to decide for himself the practical option.

Other aspects

It was made clear that operating systems and security software should always be up-to-date. But a way to VPN must also be found so that the connection is not forgotten. This can of course happen with online providers in particular, where the provider must first be called before browsing. Tip: Store the provider as the start page. What other safety tips are there?

  • Ad blocker – Many sites do not like, but it makes sense to the user and increases security. Hide unfortunately themselves in ads Mostly virus codes or trojans that can get into the computer with an accidental click. These ads are especially common on somewhat dubious gaming sites. And everyone knows how hard it can be to partially click away.
  • check – When a game is downloaded, the file still needs to be scanned on the PC itself by the antivirus.
  • Pay – Depending on the gaming location, it is recommended not to provide bank and credit card details. It is often safer to pay via online payment services because the user can intervene here. If you want to be absolutely sure, you can use prepaid providers or prepaid cards – they are not connected to the bank account and no more money that is not on the card can be debited.
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Of course, basic security measures such as regular updates also apply to players. Image Credit: Clint Patterson / Unsplash.com

Conclusion – Also looks good when playing

Gamers know the requirements for Internet security. But herein lies the danger, because many known dangers seem improbable until they hit you. Players don’t even have to put a lot of effort into it. Security software and Windows updates run side by side, VPN protects data unnoticed in the background, and a quick scan of a new game’s website is often enough to rank it as trustworthy or not. At the same time, many antivirus programs also provide protection for rating pages as unsafe or dangerous in Google search, just as secure pages are highlighted green in the browser bar if they are safe.

Featured Image: @Mateo Vrbs/Unsplash.com