December 2, 2023


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Game Hacking: Codex Legendary Hacking Pack Put an End to It

In the game hacking scene, the groups of scenes doing the hack are the basis of all the activities. There are activities coming and going, and sometimes the groups are only surviving or known for a short time. The exception is Codex, which has been active for about eight years.

Codex was founded in 2014, making it a relatively small group. However, it is not necessarily important because of its age, but because it is like TorrentFreak “I broke into the world of personal computer hacking”. Because Codex has hacked many high profile games and repeatedly circumvented Denuvo’s infamous copy protection.

Cracks in the Codex were feared, but these were always seen as some sort of discrimination. Kingdom Come: Developer Deliverance Warhorse Studios has printed the NFO file for the broken version Codex, framed it and hung it prominently in its small museum. In total, the Codex Alimentarius has registered about 7,000 crack addresses since its founding.
NFO file for Kingdom Come: Deliverance cracked version pending at Warhorse Studios

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But now it’s over: in the course of the crack release of “The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories,” Codex announced dissolution or retirement. However, it is emphasized that this is not the result of a legal issue or internal disputes. Instead, it says its original goal has been achieved, but recent Codex release notes are also critical of the current state of the scene.

Codex was originally formed to compete with Reloaded, the dominant group at the time. But it collapsed soon after. Although the name continues to appear later, it has nothing to do with the origin.

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According to Codex, it no longer has any serious competition today and this dominance is also its original goal: “Now, years after our original goal, we think it’s time to move on.”

share files hacking keyboard hacking software skull button hacking
share files hacking keyboard hacking software skull button hacking