May 21, 2024


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Problems with accessing Apple services for Orange customers are solved

Problems with accessing Apple services for Orange customers are solved

Since last night, Orange customers have been having trouble connecting with Apple services: the App Store, Apple TV +, Apple Music… services may take too long to load, or not load at all. These problems occur on both the mobile network and the operator’s fixed network. We saw them ourselves on social (mobile and fiber).

Apple TV + and Apple Music சில for some Orange subscribers

While waiting for a solution from Orange, using a VPN or changing your device’s DNS settings (the system that generates correspondence between domain names and IP addresses) allows you to regain access to these services. You can install free apps NextDNS Or CloudFlare Easily modify the DNS server on your Mac and iPhone.

If you want to change the DNS without installing an additional application, go to macOS System Options > Networking > Improved > DNS Enter 2a07:a8c0::ef:dcd8 And 2a07:a8c1::ef:dcd8 To NextDNS. On iOS, go Settings > WiFi > The i button in front of your network name> Configure DNS > Manual Enter 2a07:a8c0::ef:dcd8 And 2a07:a8c1::ef:dcd8.

This is not the first time this type of problem has occurred in Orange. A pioneer similar technical concern It happened in 2017. The solution to change its DNS was already there.

Update at 1:19 pm: This issue has been resolved for at least some customers now. Like other users, they can access Apple services again without changing the DNS. If you have changed your DNS settings, you can restore the default.

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