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Predictions of possible topics for Tuesday?

Substantive Science Patent 2021. The DNB Science Test 2021 is as fast as it is being completed, as it is based on two subjects, Physics and Chemistry and SVT in the General Series this year. Forecast of possible topics for Tuesday, June 28.

[Mis à jour le 27 juin 2021 à 13h12] What are the potential subjects for science degree 2021?, which will take place Tuesday, June 29th from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM? Topics will focus on the SVT program and Physics and Chemistry in general series, so reviews should focus on these topics and leave aside the third science teaching: technology. As with every test, teachers made predictions about what topics might fall on test day, knowing that these assumptions should not be an excuse to drop certain classes during revisions. On site College degree, Professor SVT thinks so weather and climatic phenomenaAnd the Exploitation of natural resources and human labourAnd the hereditary And the Immunology are the most likely topics. All of them are related to the current issues between global warming or the Covid-19 epidemic of immunology. On the other hand, the topics of evolution, microorganisms and reproduction are unlikely to appear according to the teacher.

For the Physics and Chemistry portion of the test, another college professor lists possible topics. Mainly depends on Organizing and converting materials And the Monitoring and communication signals. No expectations have been made regarding the technology topics on which students will be evaluated in a career path. In any case, it remains important to review the entire program so as not to be surprised on the day of the event.

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How many points will be earned for this event?

The science subject is the fourth written exam for the college degree for the year 2021, and it is taken in parallel with some baccalaureate exams (expected oral and oral French), while the Covid pandemic is still relevant. Third graders have one hour to work on two of the three science courses. For the general stream, SVT, Physics and Chemistry are drawn by lot, while for the professional streams subjects should refer to the course in Technology, Physics and Chemistry. Up to 25 points students must win for each subject.

If the duration of the test is short, then the teachers consider that the exercises provided by the subject are possible during the allotted time, at the rate of spending half an hour per subject. “Thirty minutes is more than enough to apply. You have to read the topic well to start on a good foundation, isolate important information, even if it means color it in, and pay attention to the units. There is no work. Crazy. It is very much possible,” stresses Nicholas Perrault. , Professor of Physics and Chemistry at Sebastian Vauban College in Blaise, near requester. It seems that organization and methodology are the key to success. Science exams often depend on understanding, analyzing and interpreting diagrams and graphs, and mastering formulas. However, it is necessary to know the main concepts of the topics studied in the class.

Current events frequently affect test subjects and keeping abreast of these events can be an advantage on test day. Some teachers give examples of immunology or global warming as topics of interest that can guide the test subject. But again, if all the knowledge is good to use, the goal of the science degree is to show the student’s ability to demonstrate scientific thinking. So we should focus on the data provided by the documents and not add too much personal knowledge and do it wisely.

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As with every test, proofreaders take great care of the transcript and often science or math topics are less accurate than the literature exams. So be careful to clearly define the logic, computations, and document analyzes to support your answer, before concluding in a sentence or two. Teachers recommend detailing the stages of thinking but getting to the point in writing the answers.

Studyrama’s partner website puts online from 2:45 p.m. Tuesday, June 29 the full pdf of the topic, but also the answer to the science test for the general series. Find out below in time:

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