November 29, 2022


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Portugal lost to Spain in the last match before the Olympics

Two days after defeating the Iberian rival and two-time European champion, 32-31, in Caminha, the Portuguese played an atypical match, which would prevent coach Paulo Pereira from being more clear about the last call, which he will announce on July 17, from 15 items, one of which is a replacement for a potential disabled person.

The challenge was practically resolved in the first half, as the Portuguese team had a very good start, until the complete “eclipse” of a few minutes, which resulted in a negative portion of 10-1 goals.

The “Sea Champions” scored the goal first, and in a phase of very fast attacks and their lack of tactical rigor, they were ahead until 7-5, when they accumulated offensive errors, and, accordingly, suffered many counter-attacks.

After trailing by two goals, Spain advanced to 15-8, a seven-goal advantage they kept until the break (21-14).

In the supplementary phase, the less rigorous training game continued, to test solutions, which had never gone through the usual “7×6” method in Paolo Pereira’s teams.

At 29-19 there was the maximum difference in the match, 10 goals, which Portugal ended up diluting, at a point where the Spaniards were also not evident through their defensive rigor.

In addition to the two challenges with Spain, Portugal also played with Brazil, losing 34-28, on July 2, in Nazari.

Paulo Pereira will keep the team on stage until he reveals his choices for the Tokyo 2020 Games, where Portugal will face Egypt in its first appearance, on July 24, followed by Bahrain and two-time world champion Sweden and Olympic champion Denmark and host Japan.

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In Portugal, Daimaro Salina emerged with five goals, Andre Gomez and Luis Frady with four, in a match in which Alex Gomez was the tournament’s top scorer with seven goals. Victor Iturreza and Alexis Borges did not play.

A game in Pavilhão das Travessas, in Vigo.

Spain – Portugal, 38-32.

At the break: 21-14.

Under the rule of Oscar Raloy and Angel Sabroso (Spain), the teams lined up and scored:

– Spain (38): Gonzalo Perez de Vargas, Sule (2), Maqueda (4), Ferran Moros, Gideon Guardiola (3), Canelas and Valero Rivera (2). Angel Fernandez (4), Antonio Garcia (5), Dani Sarmiento (2), Gorbindo (1), Adria Figueras (3), Alex Dugsebayev (1), Raul Entreos (3), Sanchez Megalon (1) and Alex are still playing Gomez (7).

Coach: Jordi Ribera.

Portugal (32): Humberto Gomez, Lionel Fernandez (1), Andre Gomez (4), Miguel Martins (2), Luis Frade (4), Joao Ferraz (2), Antonio Arria (2). Manuel Gaspar (g), Daimaru Salina (5), Diogo Branquino (2), Rui Silva (4), Diogo Silva, Alexandre Cavalcante (1), Gilberto Duarte (2), Pedro Portela (2), André Jose and Fabio Magalhães ( 1).

Coach: Paulo Pereira.

Specific range: 3-2 (05 minutes), 7-7 (10), 11-8 (15), 15-9 (20), 17-12 (25), 21-14 (break), 24-17 ( 35), 28-19 (40), 30-22 (45), 34-25 (50), 35-28 (55) and 38-32 (final).

Auxiliary: about 500 spectators.