November 26, 2022


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Game development will be over soon

The next FF is already in an advanced stage of development

Everything indicates that Final Fantasy 16 will bring us news soon. While the animated series has just been revealed, there’s a few, here’s a product from Square Enix balancing some clues about developing the next opus from the saga. We learned earlier this year that a PS5 exclusive was also in the works. Meanwhile, Naoki Yoshida, also christened Yoshi-B, is revealing the following composition, as part of a live show organized by Square Enix. Everything indicates that it could happen Durant Le Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2021.

If so, we can expect the game to show the tip of its nose sometime in September, early October. Yoshi-P clearly got impatient with the idea of ​​offering something. Luckily, The game will already be in an advanced stage.

“The script has already been set in stone,” He said. “And the Recording English version sounds coming to an end. Development is going well. It is very difficult to make the quality look amazing. We want the following ad to be something everyone likes when they see it: “I will buy this game!“. He also added that the team was rising to a high standard to deliver a more quality game than ever before.

Final Fantasy 16: Square Enix hopes to bring something to the Tokyo Game Show

“I want to show something to TGS”, as he said about it. “More I’m not sure we’ll meet the deadline. I don’t like throwing crumbs at people who have little news, so I want to show them as soon as they’re ready.”. Even if it means that we will have to wait until after TGS to discover all the characters, game story and gameplay in Final Fantasy 16. Nor does it negate the full opportunity of presentation at TGS 2021, on the contrary.

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If that deadline seems important to Square Enix, the latter will boost the game’s development stage, rather than make a premature bid. Another clue seems to favor presentation during this period. The fact that the host announces it during the live broadcast “People think so [la présentation du jeu] It will be a surprise. Yoshi replied: “Then it will not be in TGS”. Reflection has something so suspicious. Follow …