August 4, 2021


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Mossack. With “Je Veux Du Jeu!” Playing with music is now possible.

Véronique Duffaut has been passionately teaching music and piano for many years at Moissac, always taking care to decentralize by playing to this difficult and sometimes harsh discipline in her first apprenticeship. With its association in particular with “Make Music!” She never ceases to convey this art in a playful and uninhibited manner, without mitigating its complexities. Thus it developed many tools, around the concept of polymorphic pedagogy, echoing the neurosciences and the famous Montessori method. Some of these tools ended up gaining the status of true board games, and the idea came to publish and distribute them. Thus, jointly with two friends Cathy Castagna and Marie Laurie Maravall, the project to create the publishing house “Je Veux Du Jeu!” take shape. “These edutainment tools are the result of free teaching over several decades, focused on student development. They will become real games on display in the Musicadabra collection that we have edited, as Océbo, a game that we hope to be able to present at festivals, but also to target conservatories with these The alternative pedagogical method,” says Veronique. The project, as well as its economic realization (establishment of a limited liability company) are well advanced, with very soon a call for funds through the financing platform

Kiss Bank Co-operative and Co-operative Bank, as of September. Véronique adds she is convinced (since she successfully released them) that the games developed by the future publishing house will provide teachers with a set of complementary high-performance tools that students will appreciate. Music theory will finally take on more attractive colors. We will not only play music, but also play with it.

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