September 27, 2021


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Pokémon Showdown: See tips on how to play well and team up | Casual games

Pokémon Showdown is a free game available for download on PC (Windows), Mac, and on the web version. The title, independently developed by fans of the franchise, was inspired by the battles that took place in the older games of the series, especially on handheld game consoles, such as the Game Boy and Nintendo DS. However, much more than just remembering the good old days, the game gives players the experience of creating their very own Pokemon team.

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Gameplay in Pokémon Showdown is very simple, as it is just a simulation of battles, just as it is in the official games in the series. The player can choose between using a randomly chosen team or assembling his group of monsters, and planning his strategy in a customized way to win his battles. For those who like to indulge in new experiences, or love to create game strategies, check out how to build your team in the game and do well in matches.

Simulate fights with your own team on Pokémon Showdown – Photo: Clone / Nalu Dias

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How to assemble a team on Pokémon Showdown

Step 1. The first thing to do is access the game, and to do so, you just need to access the Pokémon Showdown page on TechTudo and choose your platform (Windows, Mac or browser);

A link to the game is available on TechTudo’s Pokémon Showdown page – Photo: Reproduction / Nalu Dias

Step 2. Now on the game website, select the option to play by clicking on “play“Or the”Play online(Both will direct the player to the same destination);

The Zran will take the player to the Battlefield Genesis menu – Image: Reproduction / Nalu Dias

Step 3. The player will be directed to the Combat Configuration page. It is possible to choose between fighting with a random team (via the button ”battle! Find a random opponentOr set up your own team (via “Team founderSince the aim of this tutorial is to teach you how to assemble your own team, we will follow the second option;

To assemble your own Pokémon Showdown team, simply click on the “Teambuilder” button – Image: Reproduction / Nalu Dias

Step 4. Already in the tab Team founder Locate “New team“, To start creating the team;

The “New Team” button must be selected in order for the player to create their own team on Pokémon Showdown – Photo: Clone / Nalu Dias

Step 5. Then clickAdd Pokemon“;

By clicking on the “Add Pokemon” button, we can finally choose the little monsters that will be part of our team – Image: Reproduction / Nalu Dias

Step 6. A Pokemon menu will appear. Initially, the monsters will be listed by category (a type of class that ranks Pokemon according to their strength and popularity), which are indicated to the left of the monster, and each has its abbreviation (OU – Over use, UU – Non-user, Ru- Rarely used, Not – Never used, BL – the border).

You can change the menu sequence according to your preference, just click on the category you want to use as base (Name, Genre, Skills, HP, Attack Level, Defense Level, Special Attack, Special Defense, Speed ​​and BST). There is also a third option, which is for the player to search directly for Pokémon or move that search in the search box. After selecting the Pokemon you chose, just click on it;

The Pokémon Show menu in Pokémon Showdown is very customizable. – Photo: Reproduced / Nalu Dias

Step 7. The Pokémon menu will open. There you can select features of your little monster and start planning your game strategy. Choose your Pokemon item and your skills and moves by clicking on the corresponding box. A menu will open automatically, and then the desired properties of the little monster can be selected;

Your Pokémon Showdown characteristics are directly related to their performance in battle. – Photo: Reproduced / Nalu Dias

Step 8. After selecting the characteristics it is necessary to distribute the IVs (Individual values, Or individual values ​​(and electric vehicles)Voltage values, Or voltage values) for each Pokemon. IVs are Pokemon’s natural features, which relate to the potential to gain more benefits by leveling up your Pokemon. Its value can vary from 0 to 31, but it is recommended that you always leave it to a maximum.

Electric vehicles actually operate differently, referring to the traits that can be trained and improved for each Pokemon. Each monster has 508 points, which must be distributed between HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed ​​domains in the ratios that the player believes are best for his team. If you don’t want to do the distribution manually, you can use the partition suggested by the game by clicking “Guess spread“;

For players who do not feel safe to manually perform the distribution, it is possible to use the in-game suggestion – Image: Clone / Nalu Dias

Step 9. After making all the settings for your Pokémon, click on the “+” button on your team’s Pokémon bar and repeat the action. After completing your team, which can include up to six small monsters, clickTeam“To return to the team roster;

Pay close attention when setting up your teammates on Pokémon Showdown so your squad is right – Image: Clone / Nalu Dias

Step 10. Give your team a name by writing in the text bar, and don’t forget to choose your team’s format from the dropdown menu.FormulaThen verify the authenticity of the group by clicking the button.CheckReturn to the home page with the ‘Home’ button;

By clicking “Validate,” Pokémon Showdown checks your team for flaws. – Photo: Reproduced / Nalu Dias

Step 11. Finally, on the homepage, select Team Format from the dropdown menu in the “FormulaThen in.TeamSelect your team. And ready, now all you have to do is clickbattle!“So you can fight with your team on Pokémon Showdown!

You can now play Pokémon Showdown with an organized team your way – Photo: Reproduction / Nalu Dias

Tips for building a good team on Pokémon Showdown

Build a balanced team

There are many team models, such as Excessive attack, balanced, stopping, defensive, Among others. For those who are starting the game, the team follows the model balanced (Or balanced, balanced) is the best way to understand custom team creation, use of strategies and game dynamics.

For a well-balanced team in Pokémon Showdown, it’s important to have monsters with different traits on your team – Photo: Clone / Nalu Dias

in a team balanced Every Pokemon will have his job. They are: Sweeper (Fast and offensive Pokemon, used to break the opposing team), Fatal revenge (Attack and fast, turn played after the defeat of Pokemon), Wall (The “wall” team, strives to stop Sweeper Discount) , Break the wall (He will defeat the opposite wall, making way for Sweeper) e the support (Defensive Pokemon, used to absorb damage). Try to create a team that has, according to your strategy, the correct ratio for each job.

Think carefully when identifying the central Pokemon

The first step in getting started building a team is choosing a central, usually Sweeper Difference. From there, you’ll make the following choices (like each Pokemon’s attributes and functions). So, be sure of your strategy when making this choice.

Before deciding which Pokemon will be your center, remember to check the available moves in Pokémon Showdow, as this can help you see if the characteristics you are looking for are compatible with the specific monster – Image: Reproduction / Nalu Dias

Test your team hard

You will definitely want to get into fights with your friends to use your team. To ensure your success, it is recommended that you test your team often with random player fights. This way you will be able to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your creativity, and you will become better and better at building your teams.

Don’t forget: The main thing when playing Pokémon Showdown is fun – Image: Reproduction / Nalu Dias

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