July 21, 2024


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How Square Enix became a gaming meme with Chaos

How Square Enix became a gaming meme with Chaos

All kinds of trailers for the latest games were introduced at E3. One of them attracted a lot of attention. Not because of its superior quality, but because of its chaotic orientation.

“I want to kill chaos” – these are the words that probably burned themselves in the minds of every viewer after they watched the trailer for the last fantasy”strange paradise“I saw at E3. To put it mildly, this trailer gets used to almost hacking in a certain way. Square Enix video maker has definitely become a topic of conversation, and the first memes on Twitter weren’t long in coming.

The main mission objective is made clear to the players at least: Chaos must be killed. This actually sums up the whole plot. The three main characters, Jack, Ash and Jed, travel the country to track down their Chaos boss and then take his life.

Chaos, chaos and again chaos

To make sure everyone understands, Square Enix has resorted to a simple method: repetition. He seems to be reminded every second that chaos must be killed. What sounds exciting at first with dramatic music and a serious soundtrack gets boring after the third sequence at the latest. Yes, we get it, the chaos must be chased and apparently ASAP. This sentence is repeated a total of eight times.

It’s a ridiculous combination of in-game battle scenes, epic music, and off-screen sound that calls you into chaos. The trailer for Japanese developer studio Team Ninja is sure to be able to remember it and be a topic of conversation. In addition to the Xbox fridge, this trailer was probably the second surprise item at this year’s E3.

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“Stranger of Paradise” should appear in 2022. Hopefully, Final Fantasy fans have not forgotten what they have to do by then. Other than that, here’s a little reminder: Kill the chaos!

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