March 25, 2023


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“Berlin Flat Quest”: a game about the adventures of finding an apartment

After a 2011 rent increase in Berlin drove it to sky-high prices, Bastian Alibert decided to create “Berlin Flat Quest,” an online game that mocked the bureaucratic complexity of housing in Germany.

IA little over 10 years ago, Bastien, a native of Toulouse, decided to move to Berlin. After studying in Marseille, he wanted to settle in a city where he could have a good standard of living: it was natural for him to head to the German capital. He did not expect to face the administrative battle that was waiting for him. Fortunately, life takes its course and with a little (if not a lot) perseverance manages to settle down for good. with him Online game “Berlin Flat Quest”He returns with humor to the struggle expatriates face to put a roof over their heads.

“I had this idea for a few years”

Thanks to confinement, Bastian finally has a little time to make his project a reality. Blogger “settled in Berlin“He took advantage of this forced break to develop his game.” I had this idea for a few years,” he explains. And it’s a family affair because if Bastian is in charge of writing the script and concept, one of his brothers composes the music while the others start coding. Artists have been added to the project to paint the backgrounds. After 8 weeks of work, The “Berlin Flat Quest” was born.

Enjoy discrimination and management battle

Since laughter is better than crying, Bastian put a little of his life into his game. He says, “One day, I went to visit an apartment. My roommates looked normal, they were dressed. Then. Suddenly, I knew they were naked, but I couldn’t guess it.” Other tales are based on what he was told. Of course, there is a fraud scenario. Also someone on an owner and agent asking for incredible things, like donating his liver, his bitcoins or even a photo of his foot.

“There’s also the roommate I first reached for a base and actually everyone has the same idea, so the apartment feels like nothing and it’s festive all the time.”

At the beginning of the game, you have to choose your character between the student, David Bowie, a Brexit survivor, and a tech junkie… Depending on the social criteria and the background you select, you’ll be more or less favored in Over the background of a parody, ‘Berlin presents’ Flat Quest” models for many situations that happen in real life, such as flooding rental agencies with emails, interviewing roommates or a landlord, adapting to code from the local road and even choosing to queue in front of administrative offices until they close.

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There are many levels of reading.

Everyone is doing their own interpretation of the scenarios. With everything possible, there are enough elements that make almost every part unique. “There are many levels of reading,” Bastian adds. The game also talks about the difficulty of being a foreigner and the situations that make German news. Like the fact that the mayor of Berlin sold more than 65,000 public housing units to private investors. Bastien continues to work on updates to his game, while waiting for a city like Marseille or Toulouse to contact him to develop this French format.