May 25, 2024


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[PLUS] Play remotely via Steam using the Steam Deck OLED in our extended print test

[PLUS] Play remotely via Steam using the Steam Deck OLED in our extended print test

Play remotely from your gaming PC via Wi-Fi in your local network

Games can be streamed from the Steam library over the local network using Wi-Fi and thus played remotely from the gaming PC. The tool for this is called Steam Remote Play, with the Steam Deck or Steam Deck OLED being suitable for this technology. We are now testing exactly this combination in a detailed practical test for PCGH. The Witcher 3 with ray tracing and 90fps and 90Hz on OLED? No problem.

Framework conditions

But in order to fully enjoy Steam Remote Play and achieve the best possible streaming result (or streaming experience) over Wi-Fi in the local network, players must meet some requirements beforehand. The following powerful components were used for practical testing of PCGH.

Gaming computer (host)

The gaming PC we used in this hands-on test was able to rely on the following hardware components.

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You will find the following topics in the article:

  • Frame conditions: gaming PC (host), laptop (client), router (network)
  • Improvements for local streaming
  • 6 matches in broadcast testing
  • Steam Remote Play on Windows 11

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