June 28, 2022


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Rocket League: Season 7 gameplay, release date, and more

Season 7 of the Rocket League kicks off next week and it’s bringing tons of pomp! Source: Epic Games / Psyonix

The seventh season of the Rocket League is upon us! Yesterday, Friday, Psyonix revealed the official promo for Season 7, which gives us a first glimpse of the new features. Season 7 after the big change to Free to Play focuses on brilliance and brilliance. You’ll be classy in the Rocket League.

You can expect flash cameras, red carpet, marble floors, and of course a new battle car based on a luxury sedan and that wraps up the package. A map of the Colosseum’s utopia, in which stars and small stars are supposed to congregate, is designed to fit.

Starts next week

Season 7 of the Rocket League officially begins on June 15th, so it’s already next Wednesday. The corresponding patch will be installed one day in advance. With us, this is activated at night from Tuesday to Wednesday at 1 am. In addition to the noble rewards and additions from the new Rocket Pass and the prepared arena (“Utopia Colosseum (gilded)”), new tournament rewards have been incorporated again, which should provide variety and fun.

The new battle car in Season 7 is called “Maestro” and at first glance reminds us of a Rolls-Royce. Newly introduced gold-plated items to match the luxurious look, which you can find in the professional levels of the new Rocket Pass. Some new rewards, especially noble ones, will require levels of up to 150, according to Psyonix in the announcement.

A day after the start of the new Rocket League season, Thursday, June 16, the new Blueprint series “Select Favorites 2” will also be released, which comes with some particularly popular formats in the past. It will include the Dueling Dragons target blast, Zomba Wheels, and Interstellar Decal.

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More features will be added later in Season 7, including custom Training Pack updates. In the summer, there are also Rocket League’s 7th anniversary celebrations, for which no other innovations, events, or additions have been announced.

Rocket League Season 7 gameplay trailer

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