November 30, 2023


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Pixel 8, you can use your physical SIM one way or another!  The theory that there is a SIM tray is compelling |  Gizmodo Japan

Pixel 8, you can use your physical SIM one way or another! The theory that there is a SIM tray is compelling | Gizmodo Japan


Oct. 4The Google Presentation Contract has been announcedMade by Google. Google already released a foldable Pixel Fold smartphone this year, but this one is a favourite.Pixel 8/ 8 ProHe is.

Until that day, the Pixel 8 was only optimistic about eSIM support, but here’s one point. It looks like you can use a physical SIM card.

Do not follow the US iPhone

Will the SIM tray last or will it be eSIM only? The reason for attracting attention is the final situation in the United States.

In fact, the iPhone 14 was released last year.The US version does not have a SIM tray and only supports eSIM. It was believed that the Pixel 8 will follow the trend of the iPhone 14 and make the full transition to eSIM. I seem to have lost my mind.

story source9to5GoogleReports are that only the eSIM seems to be overpriced.

The current Pixel 7 is dual-SIM and supports both eSIM and nanoSIM. This is the same for the Pixel Fold.

In the officially leaked Pixel 8 Pro image, you can’t see the card slot even if you swivel (at a bad angle!). It seems good to think that the Pixel 8 also supports both a nanoSIM and an eSIM.

Which is better, an eSIM or an actual SIM?

This is good! I can not say. The eSIM takes the physical hassle out of opening the tray with a thin pin, eliminating the problem of pin sticking. No more waiting for your SIM card to arrive.

On the other hand, physical SIM cards also have an attraction that everyone can easily understand that all you have to do is slide the card when changing smartphones. If you run into trouble using an eSIM, you may not be able to do anything on your own because it’s so nebulous that you can’t tell what’s going on.

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For travel and business trips abroad, some people find eSIMs easier, while others find physical SIMs more secure. So, at this point, either of them is fine. You can continue to use the one you are currently using. If you don’t care about either, it will be easier for more people to understand if you support both.

The iPhone 14 without a SIM tray doesn’t use its space efficiently. If so, I think it’s best to have both (as an eSIM user, I think so).

By the way, how to remove the physical SIM card, including the position of the SIM tray,iPhonepixelsBoth are kindly explained by the administrator.

source: 9to5Google