September 30, 2023


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Amazon Released a Big “Fire Max 11” Tablet With 11-inch 2K-Scale Liquid Crystal For 30,000 Yen, So I Checked Its Performance – GIGAZINE

Amazon Released a Big “Fire Max 11” Tablet With 11-inch 2K-Scale Liquid Crystal For 30,000 Yen, So I Checked Its Performance – GIGAZINE

New model of Amazon’s “Fire” series indoor tablet PC stationFire Max 11It will appear on June 14, 2023. Fire Max 11 uses the Fire series’ first 11-inch 2K liquid crystal, octa-core processor and 4GB of RAM, and has greatly improved the specifications. So, I had a chance to touch the Fire Max 11 early on, so I actually tried to run the benchmark app on the Fire Max 11 and check the battery life.[Cover Set with Stylus Pen and Keyboard]Fire Max 11 Tablet – 64GB (Released 2023): Amazon Devices & Accessories

You can see what Fire Max 11 looks like by reading the following article.

Amazon’s First 11″ 2K Liquid Crystal Tablet Station Compatible with Stylus Pen “Fire Max 11” Photo Review – GIGAZINE

Fire Max 11 specifications are as follows.

Amazon Fire Max 11
an offer 11 inch 2K LCD display
Accuracy 2000 x 1200 pixels (213 dpi)
CPU ・ 6 high-efficiency cores (maximum clock 2.2GHz)
・ High performance core (max 2.0GHz) x 2
8 cores total
ram 4GB
storage 64 GB 128 GB
battery up to 14 hours
Shipping time about 4.2 hours

The resolution is 2000 x 1200 pixels and the pixel density is 213 ppi. The screen is large, the colors are nice enough and there is no bleed. The operating system is Android-based FireOS, and the memory is 4GB, so the operation is light enough. Reading e-books on Kindle or watching videos on Amazon Prime Video can be enjoyed almost without strain.

Benchmark applicationGeekbench5I tried flipping the following. The model name is “Amazon KFSNWI”, the operating system is Android 11. The processor is “ARM MT8188JV/A”, which is definitely 6 cores at 2.0GHz + 2 cores at 2.20GHz. The RAM capacity is Actual 3.66 GB.

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The single core score is 694. In terms of historical scores, it is somewhere between the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra and the Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro.

Single core performance details like this.

The multi-core grade is 1822. Looking at the historical score, it is even lower than Xiaomi Pocophone F1.

Multi-core performance details like this.

With the battery charged at 100%, I measured battery life while playing 2K videos using the YouTube app. Brightness and volume are set to maximum and automatic low power mode is turned off.

However, the first time around, the YouTube app crashed in about 3 hours. I was monitoring the battery status through the “Battery Mix” app, but the app seemed to stop when the battery temperature (thin line) rose to about 35 degrees, and the battery level (blue) was 43% when it was turned off.

For the challenge again, this time I looped a 2K movie using VLC Player and checked the battery again. After that, I was able to charge from 100% to 0% in about 5 hours and 30 minutes. This time it was heavy use for continuous playback of 2K video, so it can be said that the battery will last longer for general use.

Time-lapse shooting Amazon Fire Max 11 Play a 2K movie from 100% to 0% of battery – YouTube

The graph monitored by Battery Mix looks like this.

Here are the results of monitoring using another battery monitoring app “Batteri Monitor”. The battery temperature (battery temperature) has stabilized to just over 35 degrees.

The point I was worried about when using it was that I couldn’t install apps from the Google Play Store like the previous Fire series. Of course, it is possible to download the apk file on a Windows computer and install it directly, but Google-related applications such as YouTube, Google Photos, and Gmail cannot be introduced through the official distribution.In the above battery check, the YouTube application that can be Use it on general Android devices to run.PWADelivered in the form of If you really want to use Google related applications, you may feel uncomfortable.

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However, if you’re using it for purposes like “watching video content on Amazon Prime Video,” “reading Kindle e-books,” and “using a pen or keyboard cover as a diary,” the process won’t be jerky. Get a seamless experience. The Fire Max 11, a large tablet that can be bought in the 30,000 yen range, is a bit uncomfortable as a main station, but I felt it would work perfectly as a sub station for watching videos and e-books.

Fire Max 11 will be released on June 14, 2023, and you can order the 64GB model for 34,980 yen including tax and the 128GB model for 39,980 yen including tax. Additionally, the cover set with stylus and keyboard can be ordered for 47,980 yen including tax for the 64GB model and 52,980 yen including tax for the 128GB model.[Cover Set with Stylus Pen and Keyboard]Fire Max 11 Tablet – 64GB (Released 2023): Amazon Devices & Accessories[Cover Set with Stylus Pen and Keyboard]Fire Max 11 Tablet – 128GB (Released 2023): Amazon Devices & Accessories

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