February 24, 2024


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Pixel 7 Pro Copy Compared Built-in Microphone, External Microphone, Carbon Cover - Keitai Watch

Pixel 7 Pro Copy Compared Built-in Microphone, External Microphone, Carbon Cover – Keitai Watch

I tried to see if there is a difference in transcription resolution due to the difference in microphones

Auto transcript function of the recorder app, which is one of the uri of the Google Pixel series. It’s been a feature that’s been getting a lot of attention since the Japanese support began in 2021, but now that I have the Pixel 7 Pro, I can finally try it. I already owed him for interviews and other events. However, I felt that the built-in mic wasn’t capable of recording at that high resolution, so I simply decided to check if it would change if I used an external mic.

To check, listen to the same audio using three types of the Pixel 7 Pro’s “Built-in Microphone,” a “Bluetooth Microphone” (condenser), and a “USB Microphone” (condenser), and compare the results of each autotranscription side-by-side. A simple way to see A video from Impress’s YouTube channel “PAD” was played, and the audio output from the speakers was recorded.

Tap on the bottom of the dialer app screen……

You can record by switching the audio input source device

The speaker “EMEET M2” is used for Bluetooth microphone

The IC recorder “ZOOM H1n” can also be used as a USB microphone

It should be noted up front that there is almost no difference in transcription accuracy with any microphone when recording with a microphone placed near the speaker. So, I moved it away from the speakers (the mic was placed closer to the center of the stereo speakers 150cm away) and then compared the results when the volume was turned down a bit. Primarily, in actual interviews, it is rare to be able to record the mouth of the person speaking, and it is often not possible to record at sufficient volume. In this sense, I think the conditions are closer to those of practical use (although the recording was done in a room with little environmental noise, so the results should be viewed as relative differences only).

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So I copied it and the result is as follows. It indicates which parts are misidentified compared to the original. As far as I can see, the built-in mic seems to be less accurate, and it looks like it’s going to take a lot of time to fix it from here. On the other hand, misidentification of Bluetooth microphones and USB microphones is very rare. Although it depends on the quality of the microphone (and the presence or absence of an input level adjustment function), the final transcription should be much easier than with the built-in microphone.

Copy result

However, even then, an external microphone is difficult to carry around and set up, and it definitely reduces portability. It’s arguably a valuable function because it can easily be used with a smartphone alone, so it may be a fine point no matter how high-resolution it is. Right now, I’d like a small condenser mic that plugs directly into my Pixel 7 Pro’s USB port, and I’d like to continue trial-and-error until I can transcribe as accurately as possible without putting too much effort into it.

By the way, the story has changed and I also got a smartphone case for the Pixel 7 Pro. It sold on eBay for 4,676 yen (including shipping), saying, “If it’s a man, it’s carbon.”Items that use carbon materialsProperly purchased. It’s very lightweight and thin, and even if it’s attached to the large Pixel 7 Pro, it doesn’t look unfashionable. I was concerned that the viewfinder and its surroundings would be damaged when placed face down, but I also like the fact that this hood subtly lifts up the lens and its surroundings. Recommended for ordinary people.

Purchased Pixel 7 Pro smartphone cover

Relatively lightweight, thin and slim even when connected to the Pixel 7 Pro

The peripheral part of the camera lens protrudes slightly, so there is no less worry about scratches.