December 1, 2022


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New "Quick Assist" pre-installed in "Windows 11 version 22H2"

New “Quick Assist” pre-installed in “Windows 11 version 22H2”

New Quick Assist app. Supplied from the Microsoft Store and based on WebView2

According to Microsoft, Windows 11 version 22H2 comes pre-installed with a new Quick Assistant. Seems to be pressing on[Windows]+[Ctrl]+[Q]It also launches the new “Quick Assist” app.

“Quick Assist” is a remote assistant app included in Windows 10/11. It is possible to control a computer remotely, or vice versa, which is useful when a problem occurs and you need the help of a family member or friend familiar with computers.

The traditional Quick Help is built into the operating system, but the new Quick Help is separate from the operating system and is made available through the Microsoft Store. Therefore, it is possible to improve functionality and fix bugs without being bound by the operating system update cycle.

In addition, since the component that displays web content is based on “WebView2”, which is common with “Microsoft Edge”, security, stability and performance improvements are expected. If the “WebView2” component is not installed in the operating system, it will be set up automatically when you install Quick Help.

To distinguish between the old Quick Assist and the new, rely on the application icons. The new Quick Help has a revamped app icon. However, if the new Quick Help has been updated to version, the old Quick Help has been deleted from the screen.[ابدأ]etc., and it seems that it can no longer be started, so there will be no error.

The old and new Quick Assist can be distinguished by the application icon

If the new Quick Help has been updated to version, the old Quick Help does not appear to be triggered by mistake.

Even with Windows 11 version 22H2, it seems that the Quick Assist app may not be pre-installed if it is not a clean install.However, if you follow the instructions to get the app, you can easily install it from the Microsoft Store

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Note that,November 2022 Preview Update “KB5019157”It revealed that a new Quick Help will also be introduced in Windows 11 Version 21H2. If it’s Windows 11, regardless of the version, it seems unified with the new Quick Assist.

Start the old Quick Assist app. A screen will appear to guide you to the new app.