June 13, 2024


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Mediatek Dimension 8000/8100 . introduced

Mediatek has introduced new smartphone SoCs once again. After a real top class SoC (Dimension 9000) based on the new ARMv9 architecture Introduced, new dimensions 5G-capable chips for the upper middle class to follow. The two chips are called Dimensity 8000 and Dimensity 8100. However, the differences between the two chips mainly boil down to the clock frequency. Technically, the two solutions are almost identical.

To be clear right away: No, unfortunately ARMv9 has not yet found its way into the upper middle tier. Mediatek is still based on ARMv8-based Cortex cores for dimensions 8000/8100. Specifically, the chips are made up of four Cortex A78 cores and four Cortex A55 cores. With Dimensity 8100, A78 cores are clocked at 2.85GHz. Dimension 8000 is 2.75GHz.

A Mali G610 in the MC6 expansion phase is responsible for the graphics. At least here you get to the box with the “brand new stuff” from ARM. The Mali G610 should offer a huge performance boost for gaming and can run screens up to 120Hz in WQHD+ resolution or 168Hz at FHD+ resolution. Mediatek does not provide accurate information about the GPU clock. However, the dimension hour rate 8100 should be 20% higher than the dimension hour rate 8000.

Otherwise, the 8000/8100 dimensions are technically well positioned. The chips are manufactured at TSMC in a 5 nm process. The storage interface can handle LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1 storage. The 5G modem is integrated as usual and the chipset can handle WiFi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3. In addition, there is an ISP camera that supports sensors with a resolution of up to 200 megapixels. It is said that AI acceleration is becoming faster and more efficient again. Hardware support for the AV1 codec is also available on board.

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The Dimensity 8000 Series is once again part of the Mediatek Open Resource Architecture. This allows peripheral manufacturers to adapt chips to their specific needs. OnePlus has it for example with Dimensity 1200 OnePlus North 2 Act. The first smartphone with Dimensity 8100 . should do it Realme GT Neo 3 He is.