September 22, 2023


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Overconfidence in humanity?  User shocks gamers by renting expensive gaming hardware to strangers

Overconfidence in humanity? User shocks gamers by renting expensive gaming hardware to strangers

Can you have too much faith in humanity? what do you mean? (Image: Adobe Stock – Alberto)

Who will you entrust your gaming PC to? Surely not every human soul is random, right? After all, it often takes a lot of time and money.

But time has only relative value and money can be earned. Especially if you rent your own apartment to strangers. No problem with AirBnB.

This is a service that allows you to rent out your apartment for a certain period of time to strangers who want, for example, to spend a vacation in your city.

The player is now unlocked Reddit reported, that he stayed at an AirBnB that had two full gaming computers with fairly expensive hardware. Reddit beside the same, but why at all?

So much to pick up at an AirBnB

Among other things, the two gaming PCs have Nvidia RTX 4080 installed, which alone has a value of 1200 euros. There’s also an RTX 2070 in the other computer, a 3D printer, and HoloLens 2 mixed reality glasses. Those are A total of about 5,600 euros.

So anyone who wants evil can stretch their sticky fingers and make a big profit. But AirBnB hosts seem to believe in the good in people.

indeed Theft is not the only concern Community: Any visitor to this apartment can easily install the keylogger. Keyloggers are available as software and hardware. They log keystrokes on your keyboard, often to steal passwords from unsuspecting users.

But this also works in the opposite direction. It’s possible that AirBnB hosts have installed a keylogger to get customer data, too.

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So there is a significant risk of one party being robbed.

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“These people’s confidence in humanity is unbelievable.”

Not surprisingly, the community’s reaction was horrifying. Why would anyone risk handing over these expensive devices to strangers who can do all sorts of things.

Many are concerned about the aforementioned keylogger programs. Others argue that the hosts simply have a lot of money and therefore don’t have to worry about theft.

On the other hand, user Reineken writes that he comes from Brazil and that this computer costs about as much as a nearby car.

But what do you think of this “bold” act? Are people somewhat paranoid, or are the fears justified? Tell us in the comments!