November 30, 2023


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Expert: The Church has to deal with the computer gaming scene

In the view of one expert, the church must also grapple with the computer gaming landscape. “A few weeks ago, we had a little network called ‘Church and Games’, which consisted of people walking around the church playing games,” said Sonia Lexell, responsible for Youth Pastoral Education in the office. Pastoral care for young people at the German Bishops’ Conference, Internet portal of the Church of Cologne (Sunday). And it was appropriate Gamescom Games Showcase In Cologne, which ended on Sunday, and I attended Leixel.

Most people in the network work full time in pastoral or youth work and have a personal passion for computer and video games. “Especially here at the exchange, I’ve noticed that there are other people who are interested in the topic and want to develop the church here. We’re looking at how we can somehow bring together projects that already exist and create a common presence,” Lexell explained.

“Games aren’t just about first-person shooters”

She recommends treating players positively: “Don’t dismiss the subject as bad and only see risks and addictive potential.” However, these risks do exist and one should not overlook them. People who use games should not be condemned. Leksell said it was about “having a space where young people can gamble together, and where there is space for discussions”.

Many games are filled with images of God and religious elements. “There is a special kind of computer game called ‘Gott Games’, meaning ‘God’ of simulation games.” The specialist explained that for such games a separate world is created. “That means the games don’t just consist of first-person shooters, but they’re very diverse.” (We were)

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