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NSV Minnys 2021: The new Nürnger Spielkartenverlag bag toys

NSV Minnys 2021: The new Nürnger Spielkartenverlag bag toys

Last year, Nürnberg Spielkartenverlag published a new series containing particularly compact games. Now NSV is pushing the new Minnys again.

  • Built-in board games in bag format
  • The short playing time is between 5 and 10 minutes
  • Price: about 4 euros

Last year, Nürnberg Spielkartenverlag was surprised by an unusual series of games. The Minnys were four different minigames in Precise coordination. If NSV titles weren’t known for packing games in stylized proportions, the Minnys were simply put into small paper bags. Micro was the price for that. The game was already available for less than four euros. Minimalism has clearly paid off for the publisher, because game experts from Franconia have now added three new games to the series. The basic concept hasn’t changed much, but there’s still a little surprise. But it is better to read for yourself.

5-Minute Puzzle: Fast and fun fun even for soloists

With a 5-minute puzzle, the name says it all. The bag game may well be The most simple NSV game yet. Five minutes of play time? This cannot be overcome. The game material is designed in a very similar way to the four Minnys games from last year. In addition to the instructions, you will only find a small shredded pillow, a pencil stub with an eraser and a standard six-sided cube in the bag.

The 5-minute puzzle can also be played by yourself.

© Nürnberger Spielkartenverlag

Everyone receives a sheet Torn pads Thus it is a playground made up of many hexagons. A player throws the dice. Then the score is used by all players. So there are practically no wait times for a 5-minute puzzle. Two different pieces of puzzles are assigned to each die score. You have to decide a piece of the puzzle and adopt it on the playing field. Like a real puzzle, the part can be rotated and inverted as desired. However, each piece of the puzzle is only available once per game.

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When in doubt, you should make sure to cover certain sections of the playing field. Some fields bring you missing points at the end of the game if you don’t have one mystery Occupied. The game ends when all 12 puzzle pieces have been built. In fact, you rarely need more than five minutes. Basically, the 5-minute puzzles can be played with any number of people, and the game even works without any problems.

Go for the gold: Not very fun Minnie

On the other hand, the Go For Gold, the second new Mini, is relatively complex. In the paper bag you will find another block with tiles that can be cut, as well as a pencil and flower. As with the 5-minute puzzle, the dice result is used by all players. Every prospector starts from his own country Mirfa field Outside. Your goal: to plunder as much treasure as possible. You don’t even stop at the sacred temple complexes located within.

In Go For Gold, you are faced with a logistical problem foremost. You should always prefer your virtual character as much as you do As a result of death Pretending. However, there is no real character. You only need to draw a line in pencil on the map. You are only allowed to enter each field one time. As a rule, you want to graze all treasures and temple fields. However, in the process of hunt for treasure, you also rely on fields with spade and foot symbols, which you can collect as you walk past.

Go For Gold is the most wanted Minny tool in the NSV.

© Nürnberger Spielkartenverlag

You can invest bulk feet to discard the template result for this round and replace it with any value between 1 and 6 points. With it you reach treasures and temple Select and you can start plundering. If you reach a treasure field, you can start digging. Throw the dice again. If the score is at least as high as the number on the treasure, you have restored the clunkers. However, you can spend the scoop symbols in order to manipulate the outcome of the mold up.

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There is more gold in the temples. Once again, you roll the dice. Now, however, you should still have as many spades as the number that appears on the dice. However, if you are successful, you should mop all scoops, regardless of how many scoops you have stored. The Resource Management Go For Gold isn’t without it. So the game is a little more complicated than a 5-minute puzzle. As a result, play time has doubled and is now ten minutes long. Mini Epic!

Get your whiskey: Schnick Snack Schnuck in the Wild West

The Loot Shoot Whiskey occupies a special little niche in the Minnys program. In fact, there is room for a whole bunch of cards in the small package. This time, the tear pillow has been completely dispensed, and instead I still use it here 36 playing cards. It is always played as a duel, that is, with two players. In the middle of the table are four salon tickets that you can win in a bar duel. On rounds, you assign a face down card to a Salon pass. When both fencers decide a card, the moment of truth strikes and the cards are revealed.

Now comes a nice classic comparison between rock paper and scissors. This time, however, there is a rivalry between the stolen hand, the pistol, and the whiskey glass. Whiskey stabs the gun. While the other Desperado Swaying in a hail of bullets, she bravely reaches the water of fire. Take the card with a bottle of whiskey. When activated again, half of the whiskey is emptied and drunk a third time. In that case, you win the game right away.

Loot Shoot Whiskey has 36 playing cards instead of the usual shredding board.

© Nürnberger Spielkartenverlag

The gun stabs the stolen hand. As a reward this time one beckons you Hit the card. With the fourth stroke you dropped your opponent and you won the party as well. On the other hand, the stolen hand is victorious over the whiskey cup. You take the salon card from the middle of the table. This could be a few golden nuggets, for example. This can lead to victory if you have obtained a total of nine gold nuggets. You can also loot an extra sip of a whiskey bottle or other card this way.

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So there are many ways to accomplish your goal, enhancing in fact a very simple rock scissor sheet. Loot Shoot Whiskey targets exactly 2 players and is also a shooter Quick hit. The fight at the tavern in the Wild West ended in five minutes.

Dice Land with eight new gamepads: Nachklapp from 2018

At the same time with the three new Minnys, Nürnberg Spielkartenverlag published eight new game plans for Würfelland, which already knew how to satisfy with the ingame test more than two years ago. This time the treasure hunt takes you to the most beautiful areas Europe. Nothing has changed in the course of the game. If you are tired of the built-in plans of the base game, expansion is a welcome change at a low price. The new 8 regions can be used as often as you like, if you use water-soluble pens from the base game.

Little surprise: Wuerfelland got an expansion in Europe with eight new gaming consoles.

© Nürnberger Spielkartenverlag

NSV appears to follow a steady line of sustainability. Wipes are increasingly replacing your usual shredding pads. both of them 4 euros – minis The concept could not be implemented, but at least all of the sheets were printed on both sides. The use of plastic has been completely dispensed with. For this, the publishing house from Franconia got a green thumb.