July 20, 2024


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Now a critical favorite in Complete Collector's

Now a critical favorite in Complete Collector's

Starting in November 2024, “Dredge” will set sail in a stunning full collector’s edition. Discover the secrets beneath the waves in this critically acclaimed solo fishing adventure.

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All-in-one package for explorers

Dredge” returns to Playstation 5 and Nintendo Switch with the Complete Collector's Edition. This stylish special edition not only introduces the game, but contains a treasure chest full of secrets and extras. Fans and everyone who wants to become one can pre-order now.

The complete collector's edition of “Dredge” will be released in November 19 to PlayStation 5 And Nintendo Switch.

What's inside? What's inside?

In addition to “Dredge”, you also get all the included DLC. This means that you are not only looking forward to the secrets of the content of “Blackstone Key” and “The Pale Reach”. Also this All-new DLC titled “The Iron Rig”, will be included on August 15. There's also plenty of loot from the deep sea:

  • Reversible cold cap
  • High quality replica of the amulet
  • Metal double
  • Double-sided sticker
  • Subtractable nautical chart
  • Detailed guide to fish
  • Message from the developers in a message in a bottle
  • Everything is packed in a stylish collection box
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This is included in the complete collector's edition of “Dredge”. Image: © 2024 Black Salt Gems Ltd

Adventure experience

in “Dredge“You play as a captain exploring mysterious islands and the depths beneath them aboard his fishing vessel. Sell your catch, explore dark secrets, and outfit your ship to explore the trenches of the deep sea. But be careful: there is more to the dark than just fish.

“Dredge” takes you to a world full of mystery and adventure. As a fisherman, you are always alone and exploring the shallow waters of the ocean. But dangers reward you with treasures – and one or two answers to the secrets of the Dark Sea.

The Deluxe Edition has also been available since March 2023 Playstation 4, PS5, Xbox Series And Nintendo Switch available. Here you can start without waiting, but you have to dispense with all the extras.

Right now, Amazon appears to be the only online retailer that “Dredge“Offers are in range. If other specialty retailers like GameStop or Media follow suit, you will of course find out here.