July 20, 2024


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The hobbyist is building a smart retro box that holds over 100 gaming systems and we are very happy

The hobbyist is building a smart retro box that holds over 100 gaming systems and we are very happy

Not only does this box look great, but it also has a lot to offer.
Not only does this box look great, but it also has a lot to offer.

It's not always easy as a retro gaming fan. Old consoles are sometimes expensive and take up a lot of space, or in the worst cases, are no longer easy to obtain. For this reason, among other things, many fans turn to emulators.

However, we often lose the retro taste associated with them, because our old favorite games still look more authentic with the original console and tube TV.

3-in-1 gaming monitor with retro games, switching and streaming

This is what it's about: A few days ago, Reddit user vviinnzz presented a project in which he tried to combine the advantages of both worlds mentioned above. We think the result is pretty cool.

For this purpose, he designed a small wooden box, reminiscent at first glance of a small guitar amplifier with its shape and controls. However, there is no speaker on the front, but rather a 15-inch screen.

There are also different controls and buttons with which we can control the volume of the side-mounted box and different functions. A power connection and a handy carrying strap on top complete the gaming monitor.

You can see some photos of the miracle box in the Reddit post:

link to Reddit content

That's all there: But more important than the gorgeous cover are the internal values ​​– and they make our reactionary hearts do somersaults. There are, among other things, hidden behind the wooden packaging Raspberry Pi 3on which the Recalbox emulator software package is installed.

This is a currently rare free set 100 different simulatorswhich allows you to play classic games from systems such as Gameboy, Megadrive, Nintendo 64, GameCube, Playstation, Wii, Neo-Geo, Atari, Much more To play – provided you have the correct ROM.

important note: You must create the ROM or game files you need to play yourself. For example, by reading your modules using a cartridge dump tool – for example Retrode or an open source cartridge reader – or a modified console/handheld device. However, for disc-based systems, a compatible CD or DVD drive is usually sufficient.

But you can only play legally with what you legally own. However, downloading ROMs from a game that does not belong to you is illegal and can result in criminal penalties.

But not to just play old ham, vviinnzz still does it The Nintendo Switch docking station is installed. An integrated one Chromecast stick It also provides enough opportunities to watch series or movies, in addition to using existing game streaming offers such as Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Thanks to its relatively compact dimensions, the 3-in-1 box is also ideal as a potential travel companion. Since the power supply is also installed in the box, all you need is a power cable and a suitable controller.

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You can find more great stories from the gaming community here:

According to his own statements, vviinnzz invested about 300 euros in the project, where he was able to reuse speakers and displays from old devices for free. The biggest items were the Nintendo Switch and Raspberry Pi.

Anyway, we really liked the little box and now we want to know what you think about the device. Do you use emulators yourself and in what form? Just on your computer, mobile device, or have you come up with something creative? Tell us in the comments!