October 24, 2021


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New World Blockade: No More New Characters

Currently, you are no longer allowed to create new characters on many New World servers. Source: Amazon Games

Amazon Games’ long and never-ending MMO New World saga continues even after its release on Tuesday, September 28, 2021. After we’ve reported to you in the past few days, the first after launch, about the situation around completely crowded servers, player numbers and Amazon’s reactions, there’s now Another measure against never ending queues.

The immediate action when Amazon Games noticed that the server capacity available for the release was not enough, especially in the Central European region, was to initially connect more and more servers. In a few days, the number of domains available with this model grew to double the number of servers originally available. But even this only helped to a limited extent. Although the number of people waiting for each server has been significantly reduced, so that only five-digit numbers and most values ​​u200bu200bcould be found in the low four-digit range, this still means waiting times of several hours until the end of the game on Popular servers – according to volatility. Because the capacity of single servers is still limited to a maximum of 2000 players simultaneously.

No more new characters

While Amazon Games is still working to raise this threshold, it has now taken another measure to prevent more storms and not let the situation get worse. The studio behind New World couldn’t help but create a whole siege of new characters on popular servers.

Full servers are now specially supplied with a message that reads as follows:

“Character generation is temporarily disabled on this server to prevent overpopulation.”

In the Central Europe/EU Central region, 99 servers have already been affected by this message – and the trend is on the rise. You can find a full overview under the following link:

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If your preferred server is one of the affected servers, the corresponding line in the server selection will be grayed out. Scale has no effect on existing characters.