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New smartwatch with hidden radio technology

New smartwatch with hidden radio technology

From Maximilian Home
Apple’s new Watch Series 7 was launched yesterday, Friday. Compared to its predecessors, most hardware is identical and has only extensive upgrades, except for the larger display. However, Apple has removed the diagnostic connector and installed the radio module on the clock.

Apple’s new Watch Series 7 is available for pre – order from October 8, with the first copies shipped yesterday. Like its predecessors, the new smartwatch is based on the A13 chipset known from the iPhone 11. Compared to the previous model, the display has increased by 20% and the physically smaller model now has a size of 41mm instead of 40mm and a larger 45mm instead of 44mm. The new display can shine 70% brighter.

Apple Watch 7: All information about pricing, specifications and availability

The Series 7 has new charging electronics that are said to charge the battery 33% faster. However, there is a big change in the maintenance link compared to the previous model. Earlier Apple watches had a hidden diagnostic link near the wrist slot. It is not or is not designed for the user, but for maintenance personnel only. Its function is not known for sure, but it is e.g. B. Can be used for a device firmware update (DFU).

The new Series 7 has installed another option for updates instead of the diagnostic link. The US Telecommunications Regulatory Authority has lied to the FCC Documents Show that the new Apple Watch can send and receive data in the 60.5 GHz band. It is therefore assumed that Apple will be able to run DFU mode and distribute updates to new devices using this technology. In addition, the removal of the attachment enables better certification for water and dust resistance in the form of IP6X certification. Users of the new smartwatch do not have to worry about mandatory updates because the documentation shows that the radio module can only be activated by the proprietary magnetic dock.

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