May 25, 2024


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New material We already like your interface

New material We already like your interface

9to5 Google Media shares a preview of the Google Messages interface with Material U codes for Android 12, the results of which we already appreciate.

Subject Google News interface overview with you

Object Overview of the Google News interface with you // Source: 9to5Google

During I / O 2021, Google Introduces Material You At the same timeAndroid 12. These are the new design guidelines provided by the US company, especially in the mobile OS and its applications Google News.

The special site 9to5 was able to dig into the APK code of the Google messaging application, and found evidence that Google News was preparing to use the new Material U interface. Even better, the medium can share screen shots, providing a preview of what to expect.

Material you and colors

As a reminder, the Material U policy proposes to provide a highly customizable user experience and change the accent colors of Android 12 to suit the dominant color of the wallpaper we choose on the smartphone.

This feature is only available for pixels Available from the beginning and from Android 12 Beta2. However, 9to5Google was able to force it to work manually.

In Google News, this is already a success

In the screen shots, you can see the search bar at the top of the screen and the drop-down menu from the three-point icon intelligently accepting color in the new interface. The large “Start a Discussion” button on the bottom right has a more marked, darker shade, while the text stands out more.

It’s fun, it really comes down to the details, but the elements of these contacts in Google News change colors depending on the selected wallpaper is already very nice and almost quiet.

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Google News is truly compatible with the computer interface, which reinforces the pleasant and fluid aspect of the application. There is a good chance that this preview will not fit in the right design. But this is already a good start.

Google I / O 2021 is the opportunity to discover the new design of Android 12, which is rounder and colorful. What do you think? That is the whole point of our survey this week.
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