July 14, 2024


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Don’t want to install iOS 15?  Apple will continue with updates on iOS 14

Don’t want to install iOS 15? Apple will continue with updates on iOS 14

Apple’s big surprise at this year’s WWDC keynote address is iOS 15. This new system comes with a variety of news and improvements that make it even better and more tailored to the needs of users.

Apple expects all users to upgrade as always. This year, and with iOS 15, something may have changed in this flow. This will allow you to keep up with the previous version and release standard updates for iOS 14.


A big change in Apple’s ecosystem

iOS 14 adoption numbers have recently hit the right stats. Installation development is fast and the latest data, official and coming from Apple, shows that it is already available on 90% of iPhones.

In this scenario, Apple’s betting was now expected to change to iOS 15 and all its new features. Expected in September, it will only allow security updates and point fixes in the previous version, paving the way for updates.

Maintained with iOS 14 updates

IOS now offers a choice between the two software update versions in the Settings app. The latest version of iOS 15 will be updated as soon as it is released with the latest features and the most complete security updates. Or stay on iOS 14 and get important security updates until you're ready to upgrade to the next bigger version.

True, and according to Apple Info Is spreadingUpdate to the latest version of iOS may be delayed for a long time. Support for iOS 14 will be maintained longer than expected so there will be no pressure on users to install.

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Under normal circumstances, it will lose support after the new version arrives, which will not happen now. This version will receive regular security updates, which will keep this system usable and at the same time with the necessary security features.

No pressure to go for iOS 15

This is a novelty that many can enjoy. On the one hand for those who want to keep the current version until stability is confirmed, on the other hand for those who need to stay in this version, thus have access to solve security issues.

With this change, Apple opens up a range of support settings and updates that you need to manage. However, it does open the door to some pieces, which will become the biggest issue of Android.