March 2, 2024


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New Gilbert!  “Chain Chronicle” and “Sympathy Grand Festival” held at GAME Watch

New Gilbert! “Chain Chronicle” and “Sympathy Grand Festival” held at GAME Watch

“Great Sympathy Festival”

Sega is pleased to announce that new SSR character “Guild Alliance Chief Gilbert” (Biography: Akira Ishida) will appear in the multi-scenario RPG “Chain Chronicle Part 4-Call of the New World-” for Android/iOS. It will take place from January 21.

Gilbert with Extra Ability and Passive is here! Held the “Great Sympathy Festival”

Period: January 21 11:00 to January 30 10:59

At this year’s “Great Sympathy Festival”, Gilbert, the Chairman of the Guild Alliance Council, who has continued to support the Volunteer Army behind the scenes and the DC Subsystems, will appear with special resonance performances and resonance abilities. Previous major characters such as SSR’s Grand Saga will also appear Silva” and SSR’s “Grand Saga.” Juliana.”

Guild Leader Gilbert’s SSR has an “Extra Ability” that grows through limit penetration and a “Passive” that can boost a target character’s prestige once possessed.

In the “Sympathy Grand Festival”, rewards are generated according to the number of times you draw a gacha.

Great Sympathy Festival Bonus
・ 5 “Light Blue Ink” (1 Gacha)
・ 1 “Premium Ticket” (5 Gashas)
・ 1 “Premium Ticket” (10 Gashas)
・ Gacha “Free 10 times in a row” (gacha 20 times)
・ “SSR confirmed” (gacha 30 times)
・ 2 “Premium Tickets” (gacha 40 times)
・ Gacha “Free 10 times in a row” (gacha 50 times)
・ “SSR confirmed” (gacha 60 times)
・ Gacha “Free 10 times in a row” (gacha 70 times)
・ “Guild Alliance Chief Gilbert” (gacha 80 times)
・ 1 “Selectable Campaign Card” (gacha 100 times)
・ 1 “Selectable Campaign Card” (gacha 120 times)

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New obtainable SSR characters

・ Guild Alliance Chairman Gilbert

SSR ★★★★★
Biography: Akira Ishida
Illustration: HACCAN
sorcerer (magic)

Guild Alliance Chief Gilbert

A young man serving as the president of the Guild Alliance Association. He has a genius business acumen and impeccable personality, but because of the heavy responsibility of organizing subsidiary capital, he spends days with stomachaches.

We run missions where you can experience the power of Gilbert!

Period: January 21 11:00 to January 30 10:59

We will be holding a limited battle where you can get quests, trial quests, various inks, etc. where you can experience part of the Guild Chief Gilbert ring.

In addition, to celebrate the 9.5th anniversary of the release, a “Character Acquisition Reprint Quest” will be held from the same day, during which you can get such nostalgic characters as “Sun Knight Knuckle” and “Unsinkable Waiter Moanet”.

A “9.5 Anniversary Login Bonus” is held where you can get various inks

Reservation period: until 23:59 on January 30

During the “9.5th Anniversary Login Bonus”, different Inks will be given daily, as well as Growth Arcana and Polishing Arcana every day.

In addition, the mission to celebrate the 9.5th anniversary is held until January 30th. You can get internal gifts and coins that can be used at the headquarters of the volunteer army.