February 2, 2023


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‘Ghost lights’ set off by stars roaming galaxy clusters for billions of years | Sorae Portal site to space

A huge group of galaxiescluster of galaxiesThen countless stars roamed among the galaxiesghostly light (ghost light)leaves These stars do not appear to be gravitationally bound to any of the galaxies in the cluster.

Two giant galaxy clusters “MOO J1014+0038” (left) and “SPT-CL J2106-5844” (right) captured by the Wide Field Camera 3 of the Hubble Space Telescope. The artificial blue color is a conversion of Hubble data that captures “light within the cluster.” This faint glow shows the smooth distribution of light from wandering stars scattered within the galaxy cluster

The faint light emitted by such a starGalaxy Collection Interior Light (intracluster light)」is called

light in a galaxy cluster1951astronomer Fritz Zwicky (Fritz Zwicky1898 – 1974) byComa Berenices Galaxy ClusterIt was first discovered in this group of galaxies as a Zwicky starintergalactic matterHe is said to have noticed

coma mass of earthAbout 330 million light-years awaylocated in1000More galaxiesDespite being one of the closest galaxy clusters to Earth, even small telescopes at the time were able to detect the ghostly glow.

Recent infrared observations by the Hubble Space Telescope have shown that these starsBillions of years agoIt turns out that it was wandering around, unaffected by the general activity between the clusters that strips stars from the galaxy. In addition, the light intensity within the cluster for all the light emitted by the clusterRatebillions of years to the presentMustAs it became clear that

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This indicates that these stars are the source of galaxy cluster formation.early stageThis means that I have already lost my hometown inJames G) Says.

While we don’t know exactly why these stars lost their home, current theories cannot explain this result in some way.early universe“During their early formation, galaxies were so small that they were so weakly held by gravity that they could easily eject stars,” Ji said.

In addition, Hyunjin Jo of Yonsei University, first author of the paper,Hyunjin Jo) said, “If we can clarify the origin of stars in a galaxy cluster, it will lead to an understanding of the entire history of the cluster’s formation.dark mattervisible totrackerIt will serve as a file

STScI-01GGTCRBD066GQWNNNFNR00JKH Credit:SCIENCE: NASA, ESA, STScI, James Jee (Yonsei University) Image processing: Joseph DiPascual (STScI))

[صورة مرجعية مع مفتاح ملون وسهم اتجاه وشريط مقياس مضاف إلى الصورة في البداية. مفتاح اللون هو اسم المرشح المستخدم لجمع الضوء. يشير سهم السمت شمالًا إلى القطب الشمالي السماوي. يوضح شريط المقياس السنوات الضوئية (ly) والفرسخ (pc) (Credit: SCIENCE: NASA، ESA، STScI، James Jee (جامعة يونسي) معالجة الصور: جوزيف ديباسكوال (STScI))]


  • Image credit: SCIENCE: NASA, ESA, STScI, James Jee (Yonsei University) Image processing: Joseph DiPascual (STScI)
  • Hubble website – HUBBLE discovers that the ghost shines between galaxies and stretches far in time
  • nature – The light inside the cluster is already abundant at the redshift beyond unity

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