May 20, 2024


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New feature in iOS 14.5: “Where?” Find PowerBeats Pro in the app

In the upcoming iOS 14.5 version, owners Powerbeats Pro Apple provides “Where?” The app can track your ear headphones like Airboats (Pro).

Wow East only if the headphones are within Bluetooth range? The application provides full functionality. If you are out of the case, it is possible to turn on the alarm tone so that the earrings can be seen nearby. If they are out of Bluetooth range, where? The app only shows the last known location of the headphones.

Unfortunately, from personal experience of this limited process I can tell God: My beloved Airports Pro was stolen from my bag last week. However, where? The app only shows where I last used it or where I last connected it to my iPhone. Further tracking is not possible to locate the current location. So I had to buy the new Airports Pro.

With iOS 14.5, PowerBeat Pro users can track and ping their headphones within the Bluetooth range of the connected iOS device. Among other things, the newspaper reports Macroemers.

“With iOS and iPadOS 14.5, users can find their Bluetooth earphones” Where? ”Can be detected and tracked directly from the application. Currently, Apple says that if customers lose their Powerbeats Pro, they should contact Apple Support, which makes the process of finding it difficult. Like airplanes, users can enable PowerBeats Pro Sound to find them. Overall, the new integration helps blur the line between Apple’s Airports tax and the software experience for the Beats brand. “

PowerBeats Pro understands themselves with “Hey Siri” voice commands, and with this function they are more closely linked to Apple’s ecosystem. These models are currently available in six different colors priced at 249.95 Apple Online Store Available.

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