April 18, 2024


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NEW: Container rental in Fraueenthal | work area | Technique

SHT, ÖAG and Continental collaborate with Containex and now offer their customers a way to organize a flexible construction site: containers for rent. Material containers, crew containers, and toilet containers are available. These are available in two sizes (10 and 20 ft. / 3.05 and 6.1 m) and different variants of equipment.

Handling construction sites and projects just got easier for clients with our container service. So there is only one person to call from the construction site to deliver the goods. After consulting with our logistics department, we can even load containers overnight. Customers can dispose of goods in the morning, Dragan Skrebic, Frauenthal’s general manager of sales and marketing, is interested in the benefits of the show. In addition, access is controlled in such a way that it can be traced via a digital access lock using a chip. This is to protect ready-to-delivery items against unauthorized access, damage and weather. Skripik concludes that they are convinced that this new container servicing solution will make customers more successful.

This collaboration gives the Frauenthal Handel Group access to seven container depots – and thus the largest container depot in Austria. Warehouse density aims to keep delivery and collection costs low and ensure speedy delivery. The person responsible for servicing the new container is the personal account manager at SHT, ÖAG or Continental.

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