September 28, 2022


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New Blu-ray Reviews: Including “The Rookies (2019)” and “Doctor Who – 4th Doctor – Lost in E-Space”

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New Blu-ray Reviews: Including “The Rookies (2019)” and “Doctor Who – 4th Doctor – Lost in E-Space”

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As always Wednesday of a week, we look forward to bringing you a summary of our latest Blu-ray reviews back from last week. This time he starts with a review Jörn Bomblitz at the address”Ascendants (2019)As a result of his detailed review he wrote: “…the Sino-Hungarian production offers a lot of action, which you can see in the films ‘xXx -Triple X’ or ‘Kingsman’ or ‘Mad Mission’ seem to have, without ever even approaching role models For about two hours straight. In addition, there is always intrusive and cheap humor, which usually only leads to foreign embarrassment. No, not even Milla Jovovich does not help here, which through her seemingly monotonous acting also expresses her dissatisfaction with this Awkward production. Technically, you deliver a decent picture, but it suffers from quickly recognizable CGI effects and sometimes stalls due to immature drones. In terms of sound, on the other hand, you deliver a very good surround mix that distributes the numerous sections of action over All home theater speakers.Unfortunately the bottom line is that this doesn’t really make the movie better, so in the end you can be glad there wasn’t any extra material either.It’s a shame,the story would definitely have had potential if it had been handled More seriously – but so For some way you can’t get rid of the feeling that you’re just looking at a silly and unnecessary parody.”


Michael Spear Meanwhile it was titled “Doctor Who – Fourth Doctor – Lost in CyberspaceDone. In his final conclusion, he said: “…in terms of quality, the optimum level was again taken out of the episodes, but the end result will be a bit realistic if you are not used to it. The material was never intended for HD rating, and you can see that in the end result regardless of the fact that The quality improvement of Blu-ray disc compared to the DVD also included in the set is minimal, there is absolutely nothing to complain about.The biggest gain lies in the extensive additional material and a neat e-book.The four episodes overarching story make up the beginning of the Cyberspace trilogy, but it is a standout. It is standalone and can be enjoyed on its own without any problems.However, a certain amount of prior knowledge helps a lot in understanding the many swipes and cross references, so this story is only partially suitable for whole newcomers.We recommend Whovians, of course, without hesitation, and not just because the story Excellent and that the soul is getting old bringing the days back to life, but simply because they can’t get enough of the Doctor. Fortunately, there are still many episodes that we hope will find their way to us soon too. You have to say a big “thank you” to Pandastorm once again and from the bottom of your heart for this great release, because the German public had to wait 40 years for this release – and the wait, as always, was worth it!As always, we hope you enjoy reading our current and detailed reviews on and hope we can give you a little bit of support in our tests when making a purchase or loan decision. (s)

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1 review(s) with a diameter of 5.00 points