September 16, 2021


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Review: High tension in Doggerland |

Review: High tension in Doggerland |

Between Great Britain and Denmark there is a sea, and a lot of sea. Just look around the globe or search the internet around the world on google to get an idea of ​​the situation. Anyway, the North Sea is now there. What are you hiding? Among other things, Doggerland, sank 8000 years ago. However, Swedish writer Maria Adolfson revived it as a fictional island. Thus, the island constitutes the geographical center of the third crime. She has appointed the part of the main heroine of Commissioner Karen Aiken Hornby.

The third volume is titled “Fester Grund. Doggerland” has just been published by Ullstein-Verlag and continues to tell the story of the conditional. Anyone who doesn’t know Volumes 1 (“Deep Case”) and 2 (“The Error”) will have a hard time understanding the background at first, but this fizzles out in light of The exciting new situation the commissioner faces.

It’s about musician Luna, who was actually on the road in France and America, who is now back in her old house in Dogerland and making new recordings for another studio album. Also playing there, Leo, Karen’s partner, the musician, both at a party after which Luna later disappears without a trace.

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Finding the rapist comes first

A race against time begins. Karen, afraid of losing Leo to the attractive Luna, must search for her at the behest of her bandmates – and above all, keep the press away. Once it started, the singer seemed to have already found herself, her cell phone had been located, and she allegedly loves to go to work underground, it is said.

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Was it, was it time for a summer break in Dogerland? Not quite, because now there’s another case suppressing Luna’s disappearance. A serial perpetrator, a rapist, attacked a woman again. The delegate starts tracking him down. And discover links that others have missed. You dive deeper and deeper into the case, look into the details – and don’t forget about Luna, either.

exceptional narrator

Slowly, very slowly, the author succeeds in capturing readers, building tension, Karen Eaken Hornby’s quest, fear and hope. An unusual narrator from the Scandinavian crime writers series – influenced by her abstract style, no frills, very immaculate, with a number of slopes at the end of the chapter. Read more is a must.

According to the publisher, Maria Adolfson worked as a press officer before she started writing her novels. She was born in Sweden and was born in Stockholm in 1958, according to various locations. The third Doggerland volume has been translated by Stefanie Werner.

Maria Adolfson: Good reason. Dogerland. Ullstein Buchverlage GmbH, Berlin 2021, 398 pages, €16.99.