November 30, 2021


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New Blu-ray Reviews: Including “Jungle Cruise (2021)”, “Running Man 4K” and “Der Wolfsmensch (1941) 4K”

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New Blu-ray Reviews: Including “Jungle Cruise (2021)”, “Running Man 4K” and “Der Wolfsmensch (1941) 4K”

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As always on Wednesdays of the week, we are happy to once again bring you a summary of the latest Blu-ray reviews of the past week. This time it starts with a review Jörn Bomblitz at the address”Protégé – Made for Revenge 4KConcluding his detailed review, he writes here: “…Director Martin Campbell takes another contract killer off the leash and relies on a solid and routine storyline, which, however, is often a little stubborn and swings aimlessly. The real tension doesn’t want to arise, even if the well-known cast, first and before Everything Michael Keaton, really hilarious here. Technically, the ultra-high-resolution version is particularly compelling in terms of the image, which is very detailed and high contrast. Even if it can be partially modified with the right equipment. With this, the excitement does not reinvent hurry, but can definitely be recommended for a regular movie night – you shouldn’t expect big surprises here, anyway.”


also from jorn Another review of World Beast Classics has been created in 4K UHD. As a final summary of the titleThe Wolf Man (1941) 4KHere he says: “…For the werewolf genre, “Der Wolfsmensch” finally did the groundbreaking work that continues to be the primary trademarks for aggressive beasts today – everyone now knows one has a bite, werewolves turn base on a full moon and can only be killed with silver balls . After watching the 80-year-old classic, the fact that this was done in the meantime much more exciting and creepy in the meantime doesn’t necessarily keep someone on screen permanently, which is probably also due to the fact that the focus is rather placed on feelings The growing of two main characters and a father/son relationship, thus you are only allowed to tremble in a few places. The image and sound of the restored copy make a strong impression on Blu-ray, which is later surpassed visually by its Ultra HD counterpart, as the movie clearly looks better in 4K. Phonetically you can tell the title is a bit dated, and the German dubbing doesn’t sound as coherent and stimulating as it could have been. The bonus material once again gives a lot of information about the movie and its genre, so the bottom line is that Wolfman fans should still get their money’s worth with the upgrade.” As always, we hope you enjoy reading our current and detailed reviews on and hope we can give you a little bit of support in our tests when making a purchase or loan decision. (s)

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