November 30, 2021


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celebrate!  - Authors, birthdays and many new books - SWR2

celebrate! – Authors, birthdays and many new books – SWR2

At first it didn’t really start. With Eugen Egner, we first have to “wait for the story” in a very entertaining way.

Then we congratulate Hanns-Josef Ortheil on his 70th birthday and discuss his “new account of rebirth.” Title: “Umbra”.

In honor of her 100th birthday: Elsie Ischinger reading from her novel The Greatest Hope. Listen to a recording from 1952.

First in German: Stefan Heim’s English novel “Flammender Frieden”, written in 1944 when Hem was in the US Army.

The Russian Vasily Grossman in his epic “Stalingrad” recounts the life of the city before the German attack in the summer of 1942. The next volume is called “Leben und Schicksal” and it is already available.

“World literature. Why do we need a new understanding of literature” – this is explained by the Orientalist and literary critic Gerrit Westman in the conclusion. It gives Persian reading tips.

Eugene Igner – Waiting for the story
From the tape: Your radio has important news for you!
Verbrecher-Verlag, 184 pages, €20
ISBN: 9783957324962
Text by: Bert Lineman

Hans Josef Orthel – Umbra
Luchterhand Verlag, 304 pages, €24
ISBN: 978-3-630-87661-0
Ulrich Rüdenauer review

Happy 100th birthday
Ilse Aichinger reading from her novel – The Greatest Hope

Photo from 1952

Stefan Heim – Flaming Peace
C. Bertelsmann Verlag, 480 pages, €24
ISBN: 978-3-570-10446-0
Carsten Otte Review

Wassily Grossman – Stalingrad
Translated from Russian by Christian Korner, Maria Rager, Andreas Weihy
Claassen Verlag, 1276 pages, €35
ISBN: 9783546100137
Wolfgang Schneider review

Gerrit Westman – World Literature
Sujet Verlag, 164 pages, €19
ISBN: 978-3-96202-081-1
Conversation with the author

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Fisfüz Band – Mozart in the East
Labels: Pianissimo Music