June 13, 2024


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Neue Blu-ray reviews: ua “Scare Package”, “Fire” (2020) and “Songbird”

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Neue Blu-ray reviews: ua “Scare Package”, “Fire” (2020) and “Songbird”

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As always on Wednesdays of the week, we’re happy to once again bring you a recap of the last week’s Blu-ray reviews. This time it starts with a review Jörn Bomblitz at the address”shootingAs a result of his detailed review he wrote: “…After a few initial weaknesses, Russian production is at its best in the second half of the film and delivers tension, emotions, and plenty of excitement. If the first half of the movie had been rendered more tightly and some subplots cut short, you would have avoided some of the boring sections and the movie would have had another point. In terms of technology, a clean and detailed image is provided, however, it is frequently overridden by blurring in the edge areas. Acoustically, however, there’s the full breadth, which releases rich bass and numerous surround effects into a home theater. Due to the lack of additional materials, one unfortunately does not perceive pyrotechnics – a circumstance that unfortunately also leads to the deduction of unnecessary points. The main movie can definitely be recommended to fans of the genre and should be given a chance.”


also from jorn last week titleintimidation packageIt is noted here as a final conclusion: “…the short story collection turns out to be a collection of somewhat uninspiring and very silly films that are pieced together, or better said, ‘framed’ by an overall scheme that is quite befuddled. Unfortunately, there is no common denominator or common denominator in The stories – which, depending on the genre, is not necessary, but could have been given here. A greater part of the seriousness would also be useful for all contributions, because the stories themselves have potential – only because of their cheapness and the very silly presentation, fades away in no time, How hard do you sound in a solid midfield, because in most stories the image quality is good, but the audio is quite ineffective. Direct control of individual stories can still score points It’s a shame, there was a lot this project r could do .As always, we hope you enjoy reading our current and detailed reviews on bluray-disc.de and hope to give you a little support in our tests when making a purchase or loan decision. (s)

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