June 4, 2023


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Multiple reports that the Surface Pro X Camera is not working is due to an error, and the reason is that the security certificate has expired – GIGAZINE

There are several reports on the Microsoft community and social bulletin board site Reddit that the “camera cannot be used on Surface Pro X”. Microsoft has not officially announced a comment, but the community responded that they are “aware of the issue and are working on it.”

Cameras not working on my Surface PRO X. Microsoft Community

All Microsoft Surface Pro X cameras stopped working Tuesday | tom devices

On the Microsoft community, a user named Roger Vilalta Garcia reported that the camera on his Surface Pro X stopped working and he got “Error code 0xA00F4271 (0x80004005). Error message. Mr. Garcia asked for help because the camera did not recover even though he worked as instructed in the help app.

Similar reports were seen on the social bulletin board site Reddit, and Motor-Roll-1788 said: “When I contacted the Microsoft troubleshooter, it was a known issue that was currently being addressed, and the way to solve it was immediately for all applications, and it was explained that it was a full reset of deleted files, And apparently resetting but keeping user files won’t solve the problem, the person in charge said Microsoft will fix it in the next few days unless the camera is needed right away. He advised me that I should wait because I plan to release the file.

Camera stopped working today May 23, 2023
by U / Motor Roll 1788 in Surfaceprox

Tom Warren of The Verge has confirmed that the same bug that Garcia encountered is already on display on the Surface Pro X.

Microsoft Surface Pro X Cameras Have Stopped Working For Everyone – The Verge

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Regarding this issue, PCurrington noted in the Microsoft Community, “Actually, this was reported in another thread on May 22-23, but Microsoft’s solution didn’t seem to help. ”

Reddit user Wapitiii said manually setting the date a few days back didn’t cause the problem, so he said “Windows HelloI think the ‘certificate has expired.

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