July 21, 2024


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Minka Pradelsky receives the Wilhelm Lochner Medal

Minka Pradelsky receives the Wilhelm Lochner Medal

Frankfurt writer Minka Pradelski receives the highest award in the state of Hesse. Along with Martin Heine, Norbert Cartmann and Andreas von Schueller, she is one of the winners of the 2020 Wilhelm Lechner Medal. The medal, which has been postponed due to the pandemic, will take place on July 3 at Der Eberbach.

link “She portends what her parents lived through in her literary and cinematic work. In addition, there is her voluntary commitment to Jewish life in Germany”, explains Prime Minister of the State of Hesse Volker Bouvier (CDU) Minka Pradelsky Prize. According to Bouvier, Bradelsky opposes anti-Semitism and advocates integration and social cohesion.

After the catastrophe Minka Pradelsky was born in 1947 in a camp for displaced people in Frankfurt-Zelsheim. Her parents survived the Holocaust. In 1952 the family emigrated to North America and returned to Frankfurt in 1955.

Bradelsky studied sociology and worked on projects in the aftermath of the Holocaust. novels from them And Frau Kugelman came And the The day is coming again Posted.

“It is her second novel that revolves around a central question: How do you go on living when you are barely surviving? How do you find a home when you are chased through the world and have to reckon with everything at any time and then the end? This was stated in our review of The day is coming again. And the

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