September 22, 2023


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Cthulhu Beginner’s Box 2023 – Review, Test and Critique

Cthulhu Beginner’s Box 2023 – Review, Test and Critique

Cthulhu Although it is often presented as a simple role-playing system, grasping, understanding, and applying the rules in their entirety can still be a challenge for beginners. The same applies to the many adventures available, some of which are not suitable for beginners due to their complexity. Pegasus would do well to provide interested people with materials that help them find their way in the world Cthulhu You can find pen and paper role-playing games easily and harmlessly. Triple yes! on this.

Contents of the Cthulhu starter box

The starter box offers three booklets, a set of dice, and a set of handouts to go with the adventures in the box. In addition to the pre-made characters, there are of course blank character sheets as well. The box also includes a game leader privacy screen, which contains not only the most important instructions but also tips on how to bring the opposing party to life. Content design is consistent with adventure volumes, campaigns, and other sources. Only the box cover itself is unusual and is taken from the American original.

You have to make compromises when it comes to the physical quality of the volumes, as they are not hardcovers, but booklets. Spoiled role-players are sure to use pliers when it comes to dice – if they use them at all – because they are unassuming in appearance and material quality. But they serve their purpose.

Old acquaintances in a new dress

The first of three volumes offers a solo adventure (“Alone Against the Flames”) for inexperienced players and game masters, which teaches the basics and rules of the game in a simple way. The setting of classic Lovecraft stories like “Shadows over Insmouth” is well depicted here, and the many decisions you have to make throughout the story provide enough ways to pass or fail the adventure. It took me more than one attempt to create my character in his original shape and form from Emberhead Village. It’s more than just a cute gimmick, in addition to the box owner, up to 5 people can download the adventure and starter rules using a one-time download code. This allows a group of newcomers to enter through just one box Cthulhu-Game world to find.

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Starter box – but additional materials are needed

Even during the solo adventure, players will have to frequently refer to the second volume, the introductory rules. In the approximately 20-page booklet are the basic rules for Cthulhu-The system is clearly presented. While a regular ruleset overwhelms you with an abundance of rules, everything here has been compressed down to the essentials. If the starting box awakens a desire for more, players, especially the game master, can jump into the entire ruleset.

Before that, the group has the opportunity to learn about the dark world of the Great Old World in three more group adventures. All adventures have already been published previously and are available at least to experienced players Cthulhu-The player is not new. Pegasus has done a good job of arranging the adventures according to their complexity. While “Bookworm” offers a short and relatively simple adventure for the game leader and one or two players, the final adventure “Blues for Marnie” (2-5 players) is much more complex and shows the preparation the game leader must do before the game begins. doing it.

And with the second adventure, “On the Edge of Darkness,” Pegasus has packed a classic beginner’s adventure into the box. This adventure is often recommended by experienced players as an ideal portal piece. Like “Blues for Marnie,” this adventure was already there Cthulhu core rulebook From 1999, it was revised and prepared for the seventh edition of the game.

Conclusion about the Cthulhu starter box

Cthulhu - Entry Box 2023 cover - Photography by Pegasus

Critics may note that the third volume, in addition to the introductory rules, offers nothing new and some of them are also available online for free. However, this box is aimed at people who want a taste of the material for a small dollar and little effort Cthulhu-Search the game world. The box certainly offers that. They should not be upset by the fact that the dice are not very attractive and the rest of the materials deviate from the required quality. On the other hand, game leaders and experienced players can avoid the entry box. For them, this thing offers little or no added value. Unless they want/need everything to play.