June 13, 2024


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Wonder Woman 3 director Patty Jenkins is not far behind, and Rogue Squadron is still alive

Patty Jenkins, the director of the two Wonder Woman films starring Gal Gadot, spoke about it Cancellation Wonder Woman 3 by Warner Bros. which was reported by The Hollywood Reporter last week.

Jenkins Post a statement on Twitter to which she asserted that she “never quit” from the project. Jenkins was responding to A follow-up report from The Wrap who claimed that Jenkins refused to recast her treatment of the film after the producers rejected it. The report said that the producers had invited her to pitch a new show, but that she had dropped her ideas rather than review her ideas.

“This is simply not true,” Jenkins wrote in her statement. “It never strayed from me. I was open to the thought of anything that was asked of me. I understood that there was nothing I could have done to advance anything at this time.”

Jenkins blamed the corporate revolution on Warner Bros. , which is restructuring and downsizing the production following its merger with Discovery as it also seeks to reorganize DC Film and TV under the new DC Studios banner with heads James Gunn and Peter Safran. “Obviously, D.C. is buried in the changes they have to make, so I understand those decisions are difficult right now,” she said.

Gunn offered tacit endorsement of Jenkins’ version of events. Reply to Jenkins’ tweetHe said, “I can attest that all of my interactions with Peter and with you have been only pleasant and professional.”

Jenkins also set the record straight Rogue Squadrona Star Wars movie that she was slated to make before that It was removed from Disney’s schedule. She said the film is still in active development, though it’s not a dead certificate that it will be made.

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Jenkins explained that she originally left Rogue Squadron due to scheduling conflicts Wonder Woman 3but Lucasfilm had asked if she would come back and make it after the DC movie, which she agreed to.

“I originally left Rogue Squadron After a long and fruitful development process when it became apparent that it couldn’t happen fast enough and I didn’t want to delay WW3 Any further,” she said. “When I did, Lucasfilm asked me to consider returning to it RS After, after WW3, which I was honored to do, so I agreed. They made a new deal with me. In fact, I’m still on this project and this project has been in active development ever since. I don’t know if it will happen or not. We never do that until the development process is complete, but I look forward to its future potential.”

Possible Rogue Squadron He has a better chance of getting back on track with Wonder Woman 3 It is no longer on Jenkins’ schedule.

In her statement, Jenkins paid tribute to Wonder Woman fans, as well as to Gadot and Lynda Carter, the actress who portrayed the character on television in the 1970s, and the Wonder Woman character herself. “Living in and around its values ​​makes one a better person every day,” she said. “I wish her and her legacy a wonderful future ahead, with or without me.”