January 25, 2022


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Microsoft Windows Edge pesquisa browser

Microsoft wants to bring Edge and Windows closer together with new features

The presence of Edge in Windows is a definite and is at the forefront of the daily lives of these browser users. Microsoft is betting on this browser, often in a vague and almost imposed way.

As a result of this work, Microsoft wants to bring this browser even closer to its core structure. So, very soon, we will see what has been achieved in Windows Research Edge.

The most widely used browser in Windows

It is still in its infancy, but Microsoft has important plans to integrate the Edge with Windows. This browser exists today Basic proposal Wants it to be used more and more when browsing the internet.

After some issues with this (obvious) imposition, Microsoft has now taken a new step. Software company Edge is now betting that its browser will further integrate Windows Search to help users.

Microsoft Windows Edge Search Browser

Search the computer for what Edge has to offer

In the existing tests on the Canary version of Edge, Windows 10 users may find a new program in the survey. When searching for words in a Windows search, this result will be displayed if there is anything on the edge.

This allows users to quickly access the web browser by clicking on the search results. This integration seeks to further extend the use of these two tools.

Microsoft Windows Edge Search Browser

Microsoft will create this innovation

Of course, not everyone wants this integration to exist, even for privacy reasons. Therefore, Microsoft guarantees that this option can be disabled. Access Edge and change the option in the settings of this browser.

Still being tested, very soon it will go into production and be extended to other versions of Windows. Microsoft uses your Edge presentation as a platform and further expands its offering to its users.

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