January 25, 2022


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Trump launches social networking site |  Google Assistant carved into iOS

Trump launches social networking site | Google Assistant carved into iOS


Daybreak AppleTrump launches social networking site | Google Assistant embedded in iOS | iConnectHue is a major update – Apple from Daybreak

Good morning everyone! Google is reducing the support of Google Assistant on the iPhone. Anyone who has been using headphones with Google Assistant so far will not be able to use it anytime soon. So welcome to the morning overview.

If you use an iPhone and at the same time use headphones, you can choose the voice assistant on it. One can understand that, after all, Siri does not have to be helpful in everyday life. But Google has now put an end to the use of its assistant on the iPhone. As of December 7, headphones on the iPhone will not be used with him, but will only be available on Android devices such as Google. Related support article Activates. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

IPhone-Video Jigt filmed in Dubai

With the new iPhone 13, the camera capacity of the new model can record all sorts of things, namely showing the city of Dubai in the view of a couple in love on the iPhone video. Here are the details.

Update for iConnectHue

The iConnectHue application has received a major update. With some users of the well-known smart home lighting, this app is more popular than the manufacturer’s official app, with the update they now get many new functions, Here are the details.

Donald Trump is raising billions for a new social network

Former US President Donald Trump has raised an additional $ 1 billion in third-party funding for his new social networking site. The site is to go by the name “Truth Social” and, according to Trump, currently has a capital cache of about $ 1.25 billion. The “Trude Social” was introduced by Trump after his use of the Facebook site and Instagram as well as YouTube and Twitter. Prohibited.

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Towards the end of his tenure, he called for a storm in the Capitol in Washington, which resulted in several deaths, before he was repeatedly noticed for spreading dangerous fake news on major social media sites at times. “TRUTH Social” should now become a platform for Trump supporters in the United States, but there may be a problem with the new offer. Technology Infrastructure is based on Mastodon, an open source solution for decentralized social networking. Mastodon is subject to variation of the GPL license, but the Trump Network does not meet its requirements. In addition, Trump opponents will certainly try to prevent a smooth start to the service.

Overall, the prospect of a new social network in the United States as a toy of political and politicized forces is an unhappy opportunity.

With that I wish you a good and sober Monday and hope you get a lot of candy today.

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