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Microsoft Browser: Living on the Internet Explorer Edge

Microsoft Browser: Living on the Internet Explorer Edge

May 25, 2021, 5:00 p.m.

Berlin (dpa / tmn) Everyone knows Internet Explorer. But no one is using it yet. Fortunately, not to mention unsafe, it hopelessly expired. Microsoft will stop him completely in 2022.

Those who need Internet Explorer (IE) should also use the Edge browser. Because it provides an IE mode.

Microsoft stopped developing Internet Explorer (IE) for half a decade. The browser is technically and securely obsolete. If you still need it, for example, to run special, older applications that do not work in the modern browser environment, you must use IE, the browser edge inheritor.

Because it provides you IE-Modus , So it can simulate Internet Explorer, but it is by far the safest environment. From June 15, 2022, there will be IE users No more choice . At this date, Microsoft is finally retiring Internet Explorer. The browser no longer runs under Windows 10. In IE mode on the Edge, Microsoft offers a performance guarantee of at least 2029.

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