December 1, 2023


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Mercedes relies on 800 volt technology |

Mercedes relies on 800 volt technology |

Mercedes-Benz recently revealed its plans to introduce the eATS 2.0 electronic drive that was developed in-house. According to Ola Källenius, CEO of Mercedes, the eATS 2.0 electric motor will be used in many of the company’s future platforms.

These include the MMA platform, which includes models such as the CLA, EQA/GLA and EQB/GLB, and the MB.EA-M platform, which will house the electric C-Class and GLC from late 2025. It will use the EVA2M platform, where the “M” stands for facelift Also, the new drive. Interestingly, the MB.EA-L platform, intended for larger electric vehicles from 2028, will receive EDU3.0 as drives.

challenges and innovations

One of the biggest challenges in integrating eATS2.0 into the EVA2 platform is that the new engine runs on a high-voltage 800-volt electrical system, while the existing EVA2 platform still uses the 400-volt standard. However, Mercedes has already incorporated several innovations into the EVA2 platform to practically increase the range.

This includes the introduction of a heat pump and disconnect unit for 4matic models on the front axle and an optional 22 kW OBC supercharger for shorter AC charge times. Innovations are expected with the transition from the EVA2 platform to the EVA2M platform. This includes replacing the SiemensValeo electric motors with their eATS2.0 (large) machines, introducing a two-speed gearbox and switching from a 400V to 800V electrical system. This enables higher charging power and therefore shorter charging times on an HPC charger.

Another highlight is the introduction of new SiC power electronics, which increase range by about 5 percent thanks to reduced heat loss. eATS2.0 drives are available in various forms. While smaller MMA vehicles get standard eATS2.0 with a two-speed gearbox, EVA2M and MB.EA-M models are equipped with the more powerful eATS2.0 large axle.

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Rapid transformation to advance e-mobility

Kallenius stressed the need to respond more quickly to the rapid development in the field of electric motors. He noted that Mercedes does not want to wait until the facelift, which is planned for the fall of 2025. “The development in the field of electric motors is progressing rapidly. We have to be proactive and not wait.”Kallenios said. With the planned start of production of eATS 2.0 and the Gen5 battery in the fall of 2024, the first vehicles could already be delivered at the beginning of 2025.

Source: JESMB The Mercedes EQE and EQS have an 800-volt electrical system